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Teja BM

Former Assistant at Reserve Bank of India (2015)

I want to thank Anuj Jindal a lot for his courses. Myself being from technical background have absolutely no idea about either economics or finance. I learnt a lot from his videos. I already read 9th and 10th class NCERTs for basic concepts, however when I started reading 11th Class NCERT and also started watching Anuj’s videos, I got a lot of conceptual clarity from his videos.

He organised the content in a logical manner and also covered the concepts comprehensively and sufficiently in depth.

So, I highly recommend my fellow aspirants to subscribe to his courses so that they too could get benefited if they feel they didn’t understood economics or finance.

Note: I’m in no way associated with Anuj Jindal apart from being his student and I wanted him and students to get benefited. I’m voluntarily endorsing his course.

Shilpa Dahiya

Former Assistant at Reserve Bank of India (2015)

​I don’t have much idea about ¿¿¿¿¿¿ course but i had subscribed to Anuj Jindal’s course. Not only the material is good, but also he also gives personal attention in case of any problem. He gives proper schedule as and when which notes he will deliver, which maintains a sort of discipline specially for employed aspirants to finish the earlier notes before receiving the new ones. RBI Grade B Online Coaching

Pritam Deo

Thank you so much Anuj Jindal for your course which enabled me to qualify for interview. Due to your course only I could cover F&M in short span of time. Your videos are just awesome which is so lucid that I could grasp the concepts with ease. Also, the notes provided by you are of high quality which stands out in the market.


As a father of a bright student who studied at IIT, Madras and is aspiring for Civil Services, I used to keenly  watch your videos on youtube for RBI Grade B Officers and yeoman service to un-employed and un-guided youth. Please keep it it up.  In the initial days by listening to your videos and the subject in it,  I thought you are aged person, as the subject expertise can be acquired only through years of experience in the field.  I feel in your case this is possible, through your sheer dedication and hard work. Teaching is a noble profession and guiding the youth and parting wisdom and make the to reach golden heights is noblest thing, which the persons never forget and remember through out their life. Continue the more dedicated service and wish you all  the best.