Current Affairs for 13 May 2019








  1. According to WHO paper titled ‘Forecasting the future need and gaps in requirements for public health professionals in India up to 2026’ published in the ‘WHO South-East Asia Journal of Public Health‘, India is facing acute shortage of doctors in Bihar, Jharkhand, UP and Rajasthan.
    • Delhi, Kerala, Punjab and Gujarat are relatively better, according to the research paper.


  1. Department of Higher Education has made the norms stricter for the teachers at the Universities or Higher Education levels for pursuing research under the UGC Faculty Improvement Programme (FIP).
  • The Department notifies that teachers leaving their research midway or failing to submit their thesis within the 6 months after due date will have to pay penalty.
PenaltyPenalty of the entire amount received by them during research, along with the contingency grant, salary paid to the substitute teacher and a penalty of ₹25,000 along with interest
EligibleProfessors at University or Higher Education level up to 45 years of age.


  • FIP aims to facilitate teachers at Universities or Higher Education levels to pursue their M.Phil./Ph.D. studies.


  1. The two-day World Trade Organization (WTO) ministerial meeting of 22 developing countries is being held in New Delhi to discuss the urgent appointment of judges to the Appellate Body of the WTO.
    • The 12th Ministerial Conference of WTO will be held in Astana, Kazakhstan in 2020.
    • The US seeks to terminate the existence of the Appellate Body at the WTO so to ensure that there is no independent and impartial judicial mechanism that rules against the US’s trade measures.
    • They also seek to implement “differentiation” to deny special treatment to developing countries like India, South Africa, Indonesia.


  1. India and Mongolia are expected to sign a pact for the construction of Mongolia’s first petrochemical refinery to be built near Sainshand in Domogovi Province at an estimated cost of $1.25 billion.
    • Purpose – to cut Mongolia’s dependence on Russia for oil to some extent.
    • It is expected to be completed by 2022.
    • The project (when signed) will be the largest under Line of Credit programme being carried out by Indian Government.


  1. Lecanorchis taiwaniana – one of the India’s smallest orchids in terms of size and blooming duration- has been recently discovered in Assam.
  • Lecanorchis taiwaniana is a myco-heterotroph – one of the parasitic plants that have abandoned photosynthesis.
  • It is also found in Japan, Taiwan and Laos. Its height is 40 cms and blooming period is 5-6 days.

  1. Kerala State Disaster Management Authority (KSDMA) has updated its Orange Book for Disaster Management- SOP (Standard Operations Procedures) and emergency action plan and has also prepared the ‘Monsoon preparedness and emergency response plan’.
  • The Orange book (which was earlier called the ‘Handbook on Disaster Management) describes the SOP for the respective emergency department at State, districts and taluks level.
  • It has been published in Malayalam.


  1. Conference of the Parties (COP) took place in Geneva, Switzerland to address the three joint conventions- 9th Stockholm Convention, 9th Rotterdam Convention and 14th Basel Convention.
    • The meetings were held from April 29 to May 10 2019 under the theme of ‘Clean Planet, Healthy People: Sound Management of Chemicals and Waste.’

Stockholm Convention

To protect human health and the environment from Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)

Rotterdam Convention

multilateral environmental agreement on the import and export of certain hazardous chemicals

Basel Convention

To reduce the movements of hazardous waste between nations and specifically from developed to less developed countries


  • The Basel convention now includes the regulation of Plastic Waste.


  1. Hinduja Brothers – Srichand and Gopichand- have for the third time topped the Sunday Times Rich List with a wealth of 22 billion pounds.
  • The list evaluates wealth of 1,000 richest people in United Kingdom.


  1. According to RBI’s data, Mobile wallet based transactions witnessed a rise of 12% to Rs 15,990 crores in March for the first time in five months.
    • A total of 384.89 million transactions were recorded in March as compared to 345.03 million transactions worth Rs 14,279 crores in February.
    • According to NITI Aayog’s report “Digital Payments (2018 edition)”, India’s digital payments industry is estimated to grow to $1 Tn by 2023 driven by growth in mobile payments.


  1. According to RBI’s data, External Commercial Borrowings by firms have risen by 58% to be at $41 billion during 2018-19 as compared to $26 billion in previous year.
  • Total ECB borrowing in March 2019 were at a high of $12.17 billion.



  1. International Nurses Day is observed on May 12 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale (founder of Nursing as a profession) by International Council of Nurses (ICN).
  • Theme for 2019: – Nurses a voice to lead, Health for all.


  1. IPS officer Chhaya Sharma has been honoured with the 2019 McCain Institute Award for Courage and Leadership.
    • Sharma has also led the investigation team of the infamous Nirbhaya gang-rape and murder case.


  1. 17th edition of India’s most prestigious international motorsport event, Desert Storm Rally 2019 was held in three categories Xtreme, Moto and Ndure in Rajasthan.
  • Adrien Metge won the Moto, Abhishek Mishra won the Xtreme and Ankur Chauhan won the Ndure category.
  1. For the fourth time, Mumbai Indians have won the IPL Champions Title for 2019.
  2. Manchester city has won the Premier League (football) title for 2019.

4. Novak Djokovic (Number 1 ranked by ATP) won the Madrid Open Tournament (Badminton) 2019.


  1. Former ITC Chairman Yogesh Chander Deveshwar dies at 72.
  2. Mattewada Ajay Kumar-goldsmith and microartist- has recorded his name in Limca Book of Records for making the smallest functional violin (20 mm in length) and scissors made of gold.


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