October 29, 2018




  1. Japan has invested in the $90 billion Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, which will see the setting up of new cities, industrial parks, ports and airports, besides a 1,483 km high-speed rail and road line.
    • Japan is the third-largest source of FDI investment into India after Mauritius and Singapore.
    • India has received $28.160 billion in FDI from Japan between April 2000 and June 2018.
  1. The panel of Governors constituted by President Ram Nath Kovind submitted its report ‘Approach to Agriculture : A Holistic Overview’ on approach to agriculture for doubling farmer’s income.
    • The committee was headed by Uttar Pradesh Governor Ram Naik.
    • Some of the Recommendations are –
      1. Establishment of a KRISHAK SHIKAYAR NIVARAN CELL or farmer’s grievances addressal system in every district.
      2. Development of climate-resilient and input-efficient varieties
      3. Slashing of premium rates of the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana from 5 to 2.5 percent for big sowing area
      4. Encouraging women into agricultural activities since male counterparts are migrating
      5. Linking of the rural employment guarantee scheme MNREGA with productive agricultural activities
  1. A specialised course – Acute Critical Care Course (ACCC) for doctors and hospital staff focuses on how a critically ill or injured patient should be handled.
    • The ACCC aims to train the medicine specialists and the surgeons of various specialisation such as surgical, gynaecology, orthopaedics and emergency to suspect and identify patients at a risk of deterioration.


  1. Vishakha Guidelines – The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear a PIL petition to extend the Vishakha guidelines against sexual harassment in workplace to ashrams, madrasas and Catholic institutions.
    • The Vishakha guidelines which were introduced by the apex court in 1997 were evolved into a parliamentary law called the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act of 2013.
  1. Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport is set to be the first airport in the country to commence commercial use of TaxiBotssemi-robotic tow trucks — to help airlines reduce use of air turbine fuel during taxiing.
    • The advanced tow trucks will be used for narrow-body planes of the two airlines and will initially be deployed only for flights departing from IGI.
  1. Andhra Pradesh has achieved the number one rank in the country with an average growth of 5% during the last four years.
    • According to the State Planning Department, the average growth in the country stood at 7.3% during the last four years.
    • Telangana has slipped to the second place, Maharashtra is ranked sixth.
    • Punjab is placed 14th and Karnataka third.
    • The Per Capita Income (PCI) also increased by more than ₹40,000 during 2017-18 in the State, which started its journey with “the lowest PCI of ₹93,903” in the southern States.
  1. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan will launch Mahila Mall, the first mall in the country with an all-women crew.




  1. The World Trade Organization’s (WTO’s) next ministerial meeting is scheduled to be held in Astana, Kazakhstan in June 2020.
  2. United Nations (UN)announced launch of a project on creating an “Inventory” on intangible legacy of India.
    • This will include art forms, craftsmanship and other intangible cultural heritage of the country.
    • A total of 13 intangible cultural heritage elements from India have been inscribed till date on the UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
  1. India donated $300,000 to a training programme of commanders for UN peacekeeping.
    • The name of the programme is: “Pipeline to Peacekeeping Command Programme” and it is 3 years training programme.
    • It will be the first of its kind with a focus on issues of conduct and sexual exploitation and abuse.




  1. Indian economy grew at an impressive rate of 8.2% in the April-June quarter, the fastest quarterly growth in more than two years.
    • Gross fixed capital formation (GFCF), a measure of investment in the economy, amounted to 31.6% of GDP in the June quarter, down from 34.3% of GDP in 2012.
    • It refers to the net increase in physical assets (investment minus disposals) within the measurement period.
    • It does not account for the consumption (depreciation) of fixed capital, and also does not include land purchases.
    • It is a component of the expenditure approach to calculating GDP.


  1. The Reserve Bank of India decided to inject Rs 40,000 crore in the banking system via Open Market Operations (OMO) in November 2018.
    • This move will help ease cash shortage in the system and stabilise debt market rates.
    • Open market operation (OMO) is an RBI mechanism to infuse or suck liquidity from the system.


  1. After the release of quarterly report of market capitalization, Microsoft Corp regained its spot as the second most valuable U.S. company after Apple Inc.
    • Microsoft has an m-cap of $823 billion whereas, Amzaon.com has a worth of $805 billion.
  1. The GoI has notified the sale of Electoral Bond by SBI through its 29 authorized branches from 1.11.2018 to 10.11.2018.
    • Electoral bonds are being pitched as an alternative to cash donations made to political parties as part of efforts to bring transparency in political funding.
    • An Electoral Bond is just like a promissory note that will be payable to bearer on demand and free of interest. It can be purchased by a citizen of India or anybody incorporated in India.
    • Electoral Bond Scheme 2018 – Only the Political Parties registered under Section 29A of the Representation of the People Act, 1951 (43 of 1951) and which secured not less than one per cent of the votes polled in the last General Election to the House of the People or the Legislative Assembly of the State, shall be eligible to receive the Electoral Bonds. The cash donation has been capped at Rs. 2000 and beyond that donations are via electoral bonds.
  1. Tullock paradox – an apparent paradox where the cost or price paid to obtain rent-seeking favours from the government is far lower than the monetary benefits that could be obtained from such bribery.
    • Tullock paradox is used to wonder why the world is not more corrupt than it is already given the benefits derived from rent-seeking.



  1. World number one Simona Halep has become the first recipient of the Chris Evert Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) World No.1 Trophy.





  1. Researchers at the University of Michigan in the United States, have developed a web-based tool to monitor fake news on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
    • The tool uses a Platform Health Metric called the Iffy Quotient, which draws data from 2 external entities: NewsWhip and Media Bias/Fact Checker.
  1. Pankaj Bandyopadhyay, a founding member of the Trinamool Congress (TMC), died.




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