June 30 and July 1, 2018




  1. The NITI Aayog launched the first Delta ranking (incremental progress) for the Aspirational Districts, based on self-reported data of districts between March 31, 2018, to May 31, 2018.
    • This was computed across five developmental areas of Health and Nutrition, Education, Agriculture and Water Resources, Financial Inclusion and Skill Development, and Basic Infrastructure.
    • 108districts out of total 112, participated in this ranking.
    • Transformation of Aspirational Districts programme – The programme launched in January 2018 aims to quickly and effectively transform some of most underdeveloped districts of the country.
    • It focuses closely on improving people’s ability to participate fully in the burgeoning economy.

  1. The Maharashtra government in the weekly cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister  Devendra Fadnavis announced a new scheme called ‘Kanya Van Samruddhi Yojana’, wherein farmers families where girl children are born, will be given saplings for plantation.
    • It is aimed at empowering women and promoting tree plantation.
  1. As per Future Development blog of the World Bank’s Brookings Institute titled as ‘The start of a new poverty narrative’ India is no longer a nation having world’s largest poor population.
    • Nigeria has overtaken India with the largest number of extremely poor people at 87 million in early 2018.
    • The study has cited data from World Poverty Clock and new projections on country economic growth from the International Monetary Funds’ World Economic Outlook.
    • This has been computed for 188countries and territories, developed and developing, across the world.
    • From 125 million poor people in 2016, India had just 73 million people in the poorest of the poor index as of May 2018.
    • The World Bank report indicates that if the pace of positive growth remains the same, India would be able to lift up to around 50 million more people out of poverty by 2022.


  1. A Liquid Based Cytology (LBC) technique — Direct to Slide — for screening Cervical Cancer was launched.
    • Approximately 32 lakh new cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed and 74,000 deaths occur annually in India which accounts 1/3rd of the global cervical cancer deaths.
  1. Union Minister of Commerce & Industry and Civil Aviation, Suresh Prabhulaunched a mobile application called ReUnite which helps to track and trace missing and abandoned children in India.
    • The app has been developed by the NGO, BachpanBachaoAndolan & Capgemini.
    • BBA was founded by Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi.
    • It is India’s largest movement for the protection of children and works along with law enforcement agencies and policymakers.
    • As per Ministry of Women and Child Development, 2,42,938 children went missing between 2012 and 2017.
  1. Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said that the health assurance cover for all-women families per year will be increased from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 7 lakh under the Biju Swasthya Kalyana Yojana (BSKY).


  1. Monti Rajkhowa has become the first Assamese to scale Mount Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world.



  1. International Arbitration Centre in Tokyo (IACT), Asia’s first arbitration centre specialised in intellectual property, would be opened in Tokyo in September 2018, to resolve the increasing number of disputes in the region.
    • Technological progress and diversification of applications have increased the number of patent infringement disputes.
  1. Indian actress Sonakshi Sinha has joined hands with UNESCO to promote a safe and secure cyber environment for youngsters.
  1. The US State Department categorised North Korea as one of the “worst human trafficking nation for the 16th straight year, citing the use of forced labour in its ‘2018 Trafficking in Persons Report’.
    • North Korea has been included in the Tier 3 category, which is the lowest ranking, along with China, Russia and Iran.
    • South Korea has been ranked at the highest category, that is, in the list of Tier 1 countries for the 16th consecutive year, along with US, UK, France and Canada.
    • India was placed in Tier 2category for making significant effort to comply with the US standards.
    • The tiers are mandated by The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 of the US.
      • Tier 1 : for countries that meet minimum US standards.
      • Tier 2: for those making significant efforts to meet minimum US standards.
      • Tier 2 Watch-list : for those requiring special scrutiny.
      • Tier 3: for countries that fail to fully comply with the minimum US standards.



  1. Madhya Pradesh will be awarded for reducing Maternal Mortality under Prime Minister’s Safe Motherhood Campaign.
    • The maternal mortality rate was 221 in 2011-13. Now it has reduced to 173. A decline of 22% in the last 3 years has been witnessed in Madhya Pradesh.
  2. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI)announced that India has won Global Restructuring Review’s “most improved jurisdiction” award.
    • This award is to honor the jurisdiction which improved its restructuring and insolvency regime the most over the last year.
    • In 2017, India lost the title to Singapore.



  1. Dedar Singh Gill, an Indian-origin intellectual property litigator in Singapore has been appointed Judicial Commissioner of Singapore’s Supreme Court.
  2. ICICI Bank has appointed Girish Chandra Chaturvedi as the company’s Non-Executive Chairman.




  1. On 30th June 2018, International Asteroid Day was celebrated all over the world.
  2. On 30th June 2018, the first International Day of Parliamentarism was observed all over the world.
    • This day celebrates parliaments and the ways in which parliamentary systems of government enhance the day-to-day lives of people.
    • It is also the date, in 1889, on which the Inter-Parliamentary Union — the global organization of parliaments — was established.