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ADS (American Depository Shares) Conversion Offer


Conversion of local shares into American Depositary Shares(ADS) of a company is called an ADS conversion offer.   

The offer allows local (Indian) investors to convert their shares into ADS and sell it in the US markets.   

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Key points of the conversion Process: 

  • It is managed by large investment bankers familiar with Indian and global market.  
  • The investment proceeds are distributed among Indian investors.  
  • The proceeds of the sale it in US markets is distributed to Indian investors in rupees after deduction of expenses incurred in the process. 
  • The company under ADS does not issue new shares. Existing shares are converted into ADS.  
  • The scheme can only be used by companies listed on both Indian and American markets.  

Why does the offer given: 

  • To satisfy the demand for ADS traded in US markets. 
  • To allow companies to have new investors. 
  • To create visibility on the US stock exchanges. 
  • To satisfy the US investors by offering an opportunity to sell their shares at a higher price.


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