BBPS is an integrated bill payment system developed by National Payment corporation of India (NPCI) that will offer inter operable bill payment services to customers online and offline



  1. Bill payments easier
  2. A single platform is provided to pay any bill physically or electronically. Instant confirmation is another feature.
  3. Cheque payment is not allowed. Payments are allowed as in cash or as digital transaction i.e. debit, credit, net banking, UPI
  4. Another step to facilitate RBI’s vision of payments for customers anytime, anywhere.
  5. BBPS’s initial aim is to promote digital economy and cashless transaction
  6. Any person can pay through a BBPS outlet or BBPS website. S/he needs to have an account for payment.
  7. Some banks established a mobile handset for this facility.
  8. Start-up activities are also mushrooming around BBPS with features like e-wallet or mobile payment.



  1. Digital Divide
  2. Developing a viable business model is still in process
  3. Funding from VCs or Angel investors are highly needed
  4. A financial task force to finalize commercial model is required
  5. Customer reaction to this ecosystem will play a big role for sustainability of the same.


BBPS is a novel and innovative approach. It can be developed as a single-national level platform any cashbased or cashless payment.