Mere coverage of all the below-mentioned books for rbi grade b exam does not ensure selection due to the nature of the examination. Most of all, Application of concepts and learnings determine success. Therefore, do not just focus on covering all the RBI exam books .Also, focus on understanding and applying what you read and study.       recommended rbi grade b exam books recommended rbi grade b exam   RBI grade B books list of books required for RBI exam

list of RBI exam books:   best books for RBI exam

GENERAL AWARENESS: (helpful in all the 3 stages)

LUCENT’s General Knowledge of Static Part-books for rbi grade b of GA

Also, Online Blogs and newspapers for current affairs- The Hindu/ Livemint/ Business standard/ The Indian Express



First of all, Indian Economy NCERT 11th class

Macroeconomics NCERT 12th class

Ramesh Singh- Indian economy.

Indian economy- Uma Kapila (Performance and policies) or Mishra and Puri.

Social problems in India-Mr. Ram Ahuja

Indian Polity- Laxmikanth

Economic survey for the year

Union Budget

Pratiyogita Darpan Indian Economy yearly edition released after Union Budget

Also, NITI Aayog recent reports- selective

FINANCE for RBI Grade B Ph 2:

First of all, MY KHAN- Indian financial system/ Bharati V Pathak- Indian Financial System

Fundamentals of financial management- RP RUSTAGI or Prasanna Chandra

In addition, Analysis of financial statements- TS GREWAL (only Ratios)

RBI Website

Also, CAIIB books might be helpful in areas like Risk management


MANAGEMENT for RBI Grade B Ph 2:

First of all, Organisation Behaviour- S P Robbins

Organisation Behaviour and Theory- T N Chhabra

In addition, Principles and Practice of Management- T N Chhabra (certain topics overlap with above books. Study only selective topics)

Also, Human resource management- Aswathappa/ T N Chhabra/ C B Gupta


ENGLISH for RBI Grade B Ph 2:

The best way to improve score in English is to read and write as much as possible. However, the following books can still be referred to improve your English and contribute towards your preparation-

First of all, Amartya Sen- The country of first boys, An uncertain glory

Bipin Chandra- India since Independence (purely for leisure reading. Will not contribute much to the course)

In addition, Bibek Debroy- Getting India back on Track

For Grammar- Wren, and Martin

Also, For the understanding origin of words- Word Power made easy


Mock tests:

Mock tests are useful only once you have covered the entire syllabus once and are confident with the preparation. You can start taking comprehensive mock tests 1-2 months before the examination.

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  books recommended rbi grade b exam  RBI grade B books  list of books required for RBI exam