Mostly Asked Questions about Anuj Jindal's Course

Can we log in to multiple devices at a time after buying the complete course?

Written by Neha Gupta 

Know about the login process in Anuj Jindal’s course

Our platform is completely online. All the materials are provided through the mobile application infinity app and our learning management system through a desktop.

You can download the PDF through desktop only and save the videos in the mobile app only and vice versa is not allowed.

There are two things regarding the login in many devices:-

1) Mobile Application: You cannot log in to mobile application infinity exam in more than one mobile devices with the same login id and if you change your handset or format your phone then you have to inform our team at regarding the issue and we will resolve it.

2) Desktop/laptop: You can log in the multiple desktops that are permissible but make sure that you are not logging in more than one devices at a time. You can log in at a different time to the laptops with the same login id.

Thus keep this thing in mind while logging in any device.