Indian Constitution, the cornerstone of the nation was intended to promote social transformation — Granville Austin.


The constitution of India is aimed at changing the social, political, economic and psychological state of India. At the time of independence, the constitution makers were highly influenced by the feeling of social equality and social justice. For the same reason, they incorporated such provisions in the constitution of India.


Social Justice is the foundation stone of Indian Constitution. As Sarkaria Commission notes, social justice is the “defining tune of the Indian Constitution”.


Indian Constitution makers were well identified to use the various principles of justice. They wanted to search such form of justice, which could fulfill the expectations of whole revolution. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru suggested an idea before the Constituent Assembly: “First work of this assembly is to make India independent by a new constitution through which starving people will get complete meal and cloths, and each Indian will get best option that he can progress himself.” Basically, “Wiping off Every Tear from Every Eye”.