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Frequently Asked Questions

How are your courses different from others?

The courses are made by Academic Professionals who have cleared National level Government Exams like SBI PO, SSC CGL, NET/JRF & many others. There is a well designed sync between videos, notes and tests which enables organised, easy and fast learning. In English, we provide detailed feedback on student’s performance. Personal attention and guidance is provided 24/7. 

What are the ways in which personal attention is provided?

There are three methods of Personal Attention: 

A) Whatsaap group for Enrolled Students.

B) Activity/ Discussion Forum 

C) Availablity over the Phone 24/7

Do you offer any offline classes as well?

The Quality of online classes and personal attention provided by us is at par with offline classes. At present we donot offer any offline classroom program. 

Is your Study material Printable and Downloadable?

We Understand that you like to download and print the material before you read them. Keeping this in mind, we have kept our study material downloadable and printable.

Do you provide live classes as well?

All the classes are pre-recorded because many aspirants are working professionals who cannot attend live sessions regularly. Regular Question and answer sessions are held to clear student’s doubts. You can also use the following section to ask your doubts.

Are there any free videos and study material available?

There are loads of free study material and videos available on our website as well as our youtube channel. You can use the following links to access the free material and videos. 

Free RBI 20 Days Video Course       

RBI Free material                        UPSC Free Material

Anuj Jindal Classes on Exambazaar

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