Daily Current Affairs

Year 2018

Daily Current Affairs that is needed for RBI Grade B, SEBI Grade A, NABARD Grade A Phase 1 & Phase 2 exam preparation is updated every day on this page of 2018 & 2019. Please click below links to visit current events of respective days. These SEBI, NABARD & RBI Grade B General Awareness capsules are prepared from The Hindu, The Economic times, PIB, Indian Express, Mint and all other Government Official Websites. You can also Download the SEBI, NABARD, RBI Grade B general awareness study material in the form of PDF . You can also visit our other pages for more study material. These current events are free of cost and we request you NOT to buy these from photocopy shops which are illegally sold without our permission.

The missed News of the Non-Published Editions of various newspapers including The Hindu and Mint (on account of Diwali) has been

included in the Current Affairs Dated November 9 and November 10.

1st November                         9th November

2nd November                        10th November

3rd November                         III Week November 

4th November                         IV Week November

5th November                         V Week November

6th November

1st October – 7th October                                     24th October

8th October – 14th October                                   25th October

15th October – 16th October                                 26th October

17th October                                                            27th October – 28th October

18th October                                                            29th October

19th October – 21st October                                 30th October

22nd October                                                           31st October

23rd October

1st July           11th July             21st July

2nd July          12th July             22nd July

3rd July           13th July             23rd July

4th July           14th July             24th July

5th July           15th July             25th July

6th July           16th July             26th July

7th July           17th July             27th July

8th July           18th July             28th July

9th July           19th July             29th July

10th July         20th July             30th July

31st July

1st June              16th June

2nd June             17th June 

3rd June              18th June        

4th June              19th June        

5th June              20th June

6th June              21st June

7th June              22nd June

8th June              23rd June

9th June              24th June

10th June            25th June    

11th June            26th June        

12th June            27th June        

13th June            28th June

14th June            29th June

15th June            30th June

1st May              16th May                                        

2nd May             17th May                            

3rd May              18th May                           

4th May              19th May                            

5th May              20th May

6th May              21st May

7th May              22nd May

8th May              23rd May

9th May              24th May

10th May            25th May

11th May            26th May

12th May            27th May

13th May            28th May

14th May            29th May

15th May            30th May  

                             31st May