SC recent judgment along with strict implementation guidelines would have effect on empowerment of disabled but need examine how and what way it would affect their condition

SC Directives:

  • 3 per cent government jobs for disabled: Employment is a key factor in becoming self-dependent and help them overcoming marginalization
  • No applicability of 50% cap: would enable state government to have flexibility in planning quota accordingly
  • Group A and Group B inclusion in reservation: Government created a distinction between posts and disabled does not entry to Group A but now onward to get entry via direct recruitment and promotion and SC considered it illegal and inconsistent” with the Persons with Disabilities Act of 1995

Challenges to overcome:

  1. Social barriers: disabled people are out of job not because their disability rather it is social and practical barriers that prevent them from joining the workforce so merely increasing 3% reservation may not only help
  2. Identifying right Post: Although SC has directed to identify post but recent cases have been seen selected Jr. engineering candidates doing work of sweeper
  3. Failure of Centre and states: They have failed to provide reservation to the blind and low vision persons in past. Enforcing guidelines may not have impact due to slow action of laws proceedings
  4. Dignity at work: Even selected candidate may face discrimination and work places rules and law creation hold significance