Important Questions for Government Exams

Do I need to refer any other books or material apart from the videos and pdfs of Anuj Jindal for RBI Grade B?


    Written by Neha Gupta 

Know whether you need books or any other material with Anuj Jindal’s course

Preparation must be targeted topic wise and not book-wise because there are some topics which are explained thoroughly in one book and there are some other topics for which a number of good books have been recommended. Therefore, we have covered the entire syllabus topic wise from the best books recommended for the examination in our complete courses.

Therefore, You don’t need to go for any other sources if you have completed the course from our material as the exam needs to be targeted topic wise and not book-wise. But if in case you have completed your course and you want other sources then you can go for the books recommended by us in the books section in the menu bar on the top.

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