RBI Grade B syllabus


Does RBI stick to the syllabus for RBI GRADE B examination?

No it does not. Over the last two years, RBI has been asking all kinds of questions outside the syllabus mentioned by it. In finance and management for RBI Grade B Exam, the trend is more pronounced with many technical areas being covered. These are not at all mentioned in the syllabus. However, the silver lining is that there is a trend. RBI is using certain areas in Finance and Management to frame questions. The trick is to cover those and related areas thoroughly if one wants to be proactive in preparation of RBI GRADE B. Relying on past year examination is not going to make sure that your name appears in the list, being proactive and one step forward than others can!  I have mentioned books that need to be covered for RBI GRADE B 2017 in some questions of Quora. Please make sure that you do not rely on books and syllabus mentioned by RBI. They do not solve the purpose. To know about Break up of Books chapter wise, booklist as well as method of preparing for RBI Grade B Exam, you can use the following links: