DSSSB Notification, Vacancy & Cut Off

Teachers are sacred beings thatguide andpropelus towards awakening all the unique potentialities that lie within us.

Thisis something that very few of us understoodwhile wewerestill in our early teens.

All that mattered then was to have a good time at school, enjoying with our classmates and making childish jokes and punsatourclass teacher.

DSSSB Notification, Vacancy & Cut Off

Do you remember your times as a school student?

I remember mine. I used to have a mathematics teacher in my school called Mrs. Khanna.

She was a very strict disciplinarian and whenever she used to come to class, the entire class used to become absolutely silent and still. No one used to utter a word.

She was an excellent teacher, but her only so-called flaw was that she spoke with a lisp.

So, after the class, the moment she used to leave,most of the students woulderupt into a session oflaughter and jokes about her lisp. It used to be utter pandemonium. I used to feel sorry for her.

After a few years, we were in our senior secondary days. All the students had finally entered the later part of their teenage years.

Those days we were all preparing to upgrade our scores in order to gain admission into the respective colleges of choice.

One day when I went to Mrs. Khanna to ask about some of my doubts in her subject, I saw several students waiting near her office waiting to get her signature on their letters of recommendation.

They were the same students that used to make fun of her lisp until only some years ago. That day an important insight dawned on me. It was that:

Only when we grow mature enough to recognize our dreams in life, do we start viewing our dear teachers with the respect they deserve.

We are all a bit selfish like that, aren’t we?

Anyway, I personally always used to hold my teachers in high regard, and my respect for teachers grew deeper still after I decided to become a mentor myself.

So, with that, I would like to ask you. Do you want to become a teacher yourself?

Do you have what it takes to inspire young minds and guide them towards their destiny?

If your answer to both these questions is yes, then I want to remind you that it is not an easy job.

The profession of teaching school children might seem easy to an outsider, but being a teacher is no cakewalk, I assure you.

It takes patience, a high level of emotional intelligence, a clever mind, and a whole lot of creativity.

If you think you have these traits in you, you can become an exceptional teacher, oh yeah, I forgot, you also need a graduation degree.

All those thoughts about the glory of teaching made me slip the last bit there, sorry.

So, if you want to be a teacher and in case you want to teach in the schools of Delhi specifically, you should consider appearing for the Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board (DSSSB) exams.

This article is all about the 2020 DSSSB Notification, DSSSB Vacancy 2020 and DSSSB Cut Off. So, let’s begin.

2020 DSSSB Notification for TGT & PGT (Exam Date postponed till further notification)

The DSSSB recruitment 2020 notification had been released in the month of January 2020 by the DSSSB.

The notification contained announcements about the DSSSB teacher vacancy 2020, namely 2539 for PGT and 1539 for TGT.

The opening date for applying online for the exam was 24th January 2020 and the closing date was 23rd February 2020.

From the 23rd February onwards, no new notification has been released, most probably due to the onset of the COVID Pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns.

Yet aspirants have been logging on to the official website of the DSSSB to check for updates. The DSSSB vacancies 2020 notification was available in PDF Format on the website itself.

It was good news for most aspirants when the DSSSB Notification 2020 had first come out, as it had announced the release of such a large number of vacancies.

The news of a greater number of seats held the hope of a greater chance of getting selected in the minds of aspirants.

However, the pandemic decided to play the spoilsport in all of this.

Also, due to the ensuing lockdowns because of it, all further updates about the exam had to be stalled.

As of now, the dates of the PGT/TGT written exams have still not been announced in any further DSSB notification.

I have been periodically checking the DSSSB website for further notifications of the same.

Rest assured; you will be updated through my website the moment I receive any news of the aforementioned exam dates.

BoardDelhi Subordinate Services Selection Board (DSSSB)
Official WebsiteDSSSB Online
DSSSB Online Apply: Begin Date24th January 2020
Last date of DSSSB Apply Online 202023rd February 2020
Vacancy1. Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) – 1539
2. Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) – 2539
Application ModeOnline
DSSSB Notification 2020Available in PDF Format

Now that you have an idea about what the pattern of events is in a DSSSB notification, I’ll now go over to writing about the vacancies mentioned in the notification.

2020 DSSSB Vacancies2539 for PGT and 1539 for TGT

Remember Mrs. Khanna, my mathematics teacher, she was a PGT teacher. Teachers can be PGT or TGT level.

To be eligible for the PGT post, one needs to be a postgraduate in his respective subject. For the TGT post, a graduation is sufficient.

If you want to know about the DSSSB eligibility criteria in detail, you can read this blog of mine. Now, let me ask you another question.

Do you know how these vacancies are created?

DSSSB Vacancies

Well, it’s mostly because the most senior teachers retire after a certain age and those seats are left vacant.

Some teachers leave their jobs to work in some other profession because you know, teaching is not an easy job, as I had mentioned earlier.

A lot of vacancies also come up when new schools are made, or the government is looking to expand on its workforce.

Having said that, let us look through the DSSSB vacancy 2020 notification in the broken-down form.

I have listed below the vacancy from the DSSSB vacancy 2020 notification for PGT andTGT posts, and also revised vacancies for 2019 PRT & Nursery teachers posts.

They are all listed according to subjects and categories.

Vacancies in TGT post according to DSSSB Recruitment 2020 Notification

Post CodePost NameVacancy
91/20TGT Computer Science10711201405486364
93/20TGT Special Education Teacher2559712140112104978

DSSSBVacancies2020forPGT postsaccordingtoNotification

Post CodePost NameVacancy
19/20PGT Biology - man0302207
20/20PGT Biology – woman0001102
21/20PGT Chemistry - man0001011
22/20PGT Chemistry - woman0001102
23/20PGT Commerce - man22716106461
24/20PGT Commerce - woman091418332
25/20PGT English – man01117211242
26/20PGT English – woman22414214256
27/20PGT History – man110047122
28/20PGT Maths – man11812510446
29/20PGT Maths – woman110348026
30/20PGT Physics – man112342222
31/20PGT Physics – woman1121033229
32/20PGT Sanskrit – woman02422110
33/20PGT Geography - man118862135
34/20PGT Punjabi – woman0010001
35/20EVGC - man9886223160198
36/20EVGC – woman22456171900
64/20PGT Sociology - man0630029
65/20PGT Sociology – woman0411107
66/20PGT Economics - man171466134
67/20PGT Economics - woman1162546452
68/20PGT Hindi- man555311376111
69/20PGT Hindi - woman6594913491
70/20PGT Computer Science – man 07421114
71/20PGT Computer Science - woman04204110
72/20PGT Political Science – man116133124

PGT Political Science – woman221909441
74/20PGT Agriculture – man0200002

75/20PGT Graphics - man0100011
76/20PGT Sanskrit – man1151032231
77/20PGT Urdu – man0110002
78/20PGT Geography - woman05212010
79/20PGT History - woman112605424
80/20PGT Physical Education - woman0611109
81/20PGT Home Science - woman221261312274
82/20PGT Engineering Drawing - man0010001
83/20PGT Fine Arts - man07321113
84/20PGT Fine Arts - woman0630009
85/20PGT Physical Education - man0421108
86/20PGT Music - woman0101002
87/20Physical Education Teacher2724925384790692
88/20Domestic Science Teacher77068103917194

Revised2019DSSSB VacancyforNursery Teacher & PRT Posts

Post NameVacancy
Nursery level Teacher08772621090505141
PRT - Primary Teacher36332119115351314637

I think that the tables above were self-explanatory, given that you are reading my blog and are already acquainted to the concept of reservations and categories. With that, I will now move over to the next section which is the DSSSB Cut off.


Till now I have talked about the 2020 DSSSB notification and DSSSB vacancy, I’ll now go over to the topic of DSSSB cut off.

Do you know what Cut Offs are?


Let me explain with the help of an example that is a wee bit scientific in nature. I hope you don’t mind.

So, exam cut off marks are a lot like something called escape velocity.

Escape velocity is a commonly used term among the scientists and engineers that design rockets.

It is the minimum velocity that a launched rocket needs to reach in order to be able to escape the earths gravitational influence.

If the rocket isn’t able to attain this velocity, it will not be able to escape the earth’s atmosphere and enter space.

Similarly, the cut off marks of any exam. You need to score the minimum cut off marks in order to be able to clear that particular exam.

If youcan’t, you don’t make it through. See, it was easy to understand wasn’t it? I knew you’d get it.

In this section, I shall talk about the DSSSB cut off marks that you’d need to score above, in order to become a teacher.

I have also listed down the previous years’ subject-wise DSSSB cut off marks for PGT, TGT Computer Science, and TGT.

Also, along with the previous years’ DSSSB cut off marks, I have also listed the expected 2020 DSSB cut off marks for the aforenoted posts.

These lists will help you get an idea of how you’d need to prepare and also draw your study plans accordingly.

2017DSSSB Cut Off Marksfor Post of TGT

Post Name, With Code/YearDSSSB TGT Cut Off Marks
TGT Social Science (women), 138/201788.1997.6973.9589.1375.63(OH)/71.62(VH)
TGT Social Science (men), 137/201771.7586748381.75(OH/VH)
TGT Math (men), 133/201781.4182.0573.3260.7876(OH)
TGT Natural Science (women), 136/201795.04103.547088.1577.22(OH)
TGT Natural Science (men), 135/201773.7380.9669.3185.4573.06(OH)
TGT Punjabi (women), 143/201771.2581.75-7068.75(OH)
TGT Hindi (women), 141/2017125.01131.29109.90117.75100.12(OH), 95.33(VH)
TGT English (women), 132/201779.25100.2560.57565.75(OH), 74(VH)

Expected TGT DSSSB Cut Off Marks for 2020

It’s important that you go through the previous years’ cut offs to get an idea of what the cut off for the upcoming years exams might be.

However, you should study extra hard for the 2020 DSSSB exam, because the upcoming cut offs could be higher than the ones before.

Given below is the expected cut off for the 2020 DSSSB exam for the post of TGT.

CategoryExpected Cut offSecure side

2017DSSSB Cut Off Marksfor Post of PGT

Post Name, With Code/YearDSSSB Cut Off Marks List
Physical Education Teacher (Female), 95/2017106.25121.759790.5 -
Physical Education Teacher (Male), 94/2017126151.7591.75122.25 -
PGT Fine Arts (Female), 97/2017115.13148.49101.75119.4096.82(VH)
PGT Urdu (Male), 126/2017127185.25 - - -
PGT Music (Male), 98/2017 - 123.75 - - -
PGT Chemistry (Male), 102/2017141.47157.0294.57124.67 -
PGT Hindi (Male), 110/2017181.25211.83186.90193.33 -
PGT Commerce (Male), 104/2017158.56174.1690.86143.71 -
PGT Biology (Female), 101/2017134.70158.7896.57122.4193.81(VH)
PGT Physics (Male), 122/2017185.20197.45 - - -
PGT Geography (Female), 119/2017125.25155.56121.72122.73 -
PGT English (Female), 109/2017106.57120.5092.2491.6794.19(OH)
PGT English (Male), 108/201711914695.25124.5123(OH);
PGT English (Male), 131/2017 71.7585.7565.580.2583.75(OH);
PGT Political Science (Female), 115/2017129.25150.597125.5 101.75(VH)
PGT Political Science (Male), 114/2017130160133139145.75(OH),
PGT Home Science (Female), 93/2017104.25145.2599.25101.2597.75(OH)

2017DSSSB Cut Off Marksfor Post of TGT Computer Science

Serial no.CategoryMarks

Expected TGTComputer ScienceDSSSB Cut Off Marks for 2020

CategoryExpected Cut offSecure side


Now that I have mentioned everything that I wanted to include in this article, I think you have got an idea about the DSSSB exams to a point where you know how hard it can be.

Therefore, I want you to work extra hard and leave no stones unturned when it comes to your preparations. Don’t worry you won’t have to do this all alone. I will always be there to support and help you on your path to success. I know you have it inside of you to be what you want to be. Now, with that, I bid farewell.

All the Best!!
Keep Learning!!


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