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How to attempt #2019Pledge Quiz?

Written by Anuj JindalĀ 


I Pledge along with all students to take at least one test every week for the upcoming RBI Grade B Examination.

The main Objective of the test is-
1. To evaluate my performance at least once a week.
2. To revise in a smarter manner by taking as many tests as possible.
3. To understand where I stand in comparison to my competitors.

What will we cover?
Under this Pledge, we will take One Test per Week for a particular topic comprising the Complete Syllabus of RBI Grade B Examination.
Advance level tests of the same topic will be provided regularly on my Website. So, if you wish to take advanced level tests, you can take the same from my Website.

How will we take the Tests?
To make these tests more engaging and interesting, I have decided to conduct Live Quizzes so that all of us can learn the art of taking a test in a time-bound manner. To do so, we will need Kahoot. Kahoot is a platform which makes learning easy and engaging through fun quizzes.

There are two possibilities that you are using-
1. Laptop
2. Mobile Phone/Tablet

First, you are using a laptop. In this case, you just need to open Kahoot in one tab and YouTube in the other tab. You can watch me live on YouTube. I will explain the complete procedure of taking the test through Kahoot in the Live Session.

Second, you are using a Mobile Phone/Tablet. In this case, you need to download the Kahoot App and YouTube App. You can watch me live on the YouTube App. I will explain the complete procedure of taking the test through Kahoot App in the Live Session.

So, Let’s take the #2019Pledge and Prepare in an effective manner.


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All the Best!!