How do I clear RBI Grade B exam in 6 months?

This Blog will help you know “How to Crack RBI Grade B in First Attempt in 6 Months”. Also, you can get an overview on How to prepare for RBI Grade B 2019. Students preparing for RBI Grade B 2019 ask for Preparation Strategy. So, here is a Preparation Strategy which will help Students to Crack RBI Grade B Examination in 6 months. Not only in 6 months, with the help of this Strategy Students can Crack RBI Grade B in First Attempt.

If you start now in December 2018, you are expected to have at least 6 months till May 2019. Anything above that would be a bonus.

This answer covers the next 3 months. I am not covering the complete 6 months because it is always better to plan for near future and not the entire run of study.

The strategy of study should be to cover RBI Grade B 2019 Phase 2 right now in the next 2 months and then to move towards RBI Grade B 2019 Phase 1 for the next 1 month. If you follow this approach you can definitely Crack RBI Grade B in First Attempt. Now, let us talk in detail about the Strategy.


  • ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL ISSUES– I am assuming that you have very limited knowledge on ESI and you will be starting from scratch. The following books need to be covered in order to get a good grip on ESI.

      Performance and Policies. The book covers the entire history of the Indian economy after independence. It will not just be helpful in phase 2 but also in the interview. The structure of the book is a little problematic. I have created videos as well as study material for Indian economic history based on Uma Kapila itself, but following a different and more refined structure. I follow the method of “TIMELINE” in everything that I study and teach. This means that I try to create a visual chart according to the time period so that it becomes easier to grasp and remember whatever you study. For example, divide 1947–2016 into 3 time periods- 1947–1970; 1971–1991 and 1991-Present.


      Macroeconomics can be covered very well from 11th NCERT on macroeconomics and RAMESH SINGH. Cover basics properly so that you are able to understand policy changes of RBI to a better extent.


      This NCERT will supplement UMA KAPILA. You can go through this book before starting with UMA KAPILA as this will clear out a lot of things about the history of the Indian Economy.


      These magazines cover schemes and policies of the Indian government in detail. Try not to get too much into these magazines as they tend to over-analyze (for standards of RBI). Understand all schemes and current affairs and remember facts related to these schemes. Spending too much time on these magazines might hurt you instead.


      Useful in both Finance and ESI. You can use speeches, circulars, and notifications.

  • FINANCE AND MANAGEMENT– The following books will cover the majority of Finance and Management.

      Indian Financial System OR MY KHAN– Indian Financial System


      Financial Management OR PANDEY– Financial Management. I M PANDEY is more detailed but confusing at the same time. R P RUSTAGI is more clear in his approach.

    • T.S. GREWAL

      Accounting ratios


      Organization behavior and theory. Anyone book will suffice. T N CHHABRA is considered the best as it covers everything but it is technical so you might find it difficult to understand.


      Human Resource Management. Anyone book will suffice but T N CHHABRA and GUPTA cover everything related to HRM while ASWATHAPPA is much more easy to understand and comprehend.


      Same as above


AFTER completing ESI and FM in 2 months, you can spend the next one month for PHASE 1. The purpose is to be able to cover the majority of syllabus by February so that you can move towards revising the syllabus again and making every concept stronger and clearer.

For PHASE 1, the focus has to be on covering regularly asked areas from reasoning and QA. GA is easy to cover through online capsules available on multiple websites. English is also very easy, given that you are at least average in English. You can cover all 3 areas through CAT material.

There might be some problems with QA and Reasoning as the level often gets higher than even CAT exam. For that, I am preparing shortcuts and alternative methods of solving the different set of questions.


This is the time to revise everything and add more knowledge to your base. Remember, reading the same thing 3 times is better than reading it once. therefore, the focus should be on revising whatever you have read. Try to complete the syllabus by February and then polish your study in the next 3 months.

The revision strategy will be discussed after we have completed the syllabus once.

ENGLISH– This is, in fact, the most important but the most neglected portion of the examination. In phase 2, students have scored as high as 86 in English. Therefore, it is important to write and practice English tests regularly. We have started ENGLISH DESCRIPTIVE TESTS and they will continue until the exam is conducted.

I am taking only 20 students for English descriptive as I personally check and guide all students for English Paper.

Click Here for a detailed Preparation Strategy for English, you can read one of my answers on Quora.

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