How to crack UGC NET Paper 1 & Paper 2 Exam in three months?

Almost every student who wishes to give UGC NET Examination has this doubt in mind that how to crack UGC NET Paper 1 & Paper 2 Exam. Today we are sharing ‘Three months Strategy’ for the upcoming UGC NET JRF Exam. This article will help you with the strategy of how to crack UGC NET Paper 1 & Paper 2 Exam. UGC NET JRF job profile is the best one to pursue after your master’s degree. A proper strategy and hard work are required to clear UGC NET JRF Exam. Now, less than 3 months are left, so this is high time that you should follow a precise strategy on How to Prepare for UGC NET Paper 1 and Paper 2 Exam. This strategy will help you a lot in UGC NET Preparation and you will be able to clear UGC NET Exam in 1st Attempt.

It is true that Success in any exam lies in your strategy and how systematically you are moving ahead with it. But in addition to this, you also need to have strong determination, sincerity, and a strict timetable along with the following tips on How to crack UGC NET Paper 1 & Paper 2 Exam.

Primarily I want to thwart this suspicion that competitive examinations cannot be cracked through self-study. Yes, it is possible to prepare for UGC NET JRF examination through self-study. What you need right now is the right strategy on How to Prepare for UGC NET Paper 1 and Paper 2 Exam and the right kind of books to brace your UGC NET Preparation.

According to me, a minimum of 3 months of UGC NET Preparation is required to Prepare for UGC NET JRF Examination. These 3 months can be divided into

  • 2 months for NET Preparation
  • 1 month for Mock Tests

Out of these 2 months for NET Exam Preparation, you can allocate one month each for Paper 1 and Paper 2.
There are approximately 10 topics in Paper 1. You can give 3 days for each topic. In these 3 days, you can read about the topic for the first 2 days and the third day you can practice questions related to that topic. If you follow this approach, you will be able to complete the syllabus of Paper 1 in one month and similarly, you can complete the syllabus of Paper 2 in one month. In this way, you can complete the NET Exam Preparation in 2 months.

Now, you have to start giving Mock Tests. Start with past year papers and that too move from old to recent past year papers. Make a set of 5 papers. Solve them and look for the subjects in which you are facing problems. Then you can start working on improving that subject. This will boost your UGC NET Preparation to the next level.
Divide your subjects into three categories, i.e., Strong, Medium and Weak. Start your UGC NET Preparation with Strong Subjects, then go with the medium one and at last the weak ones. The reason to follow this approach is that there is no sectional or subject-wise cutoff in NET Examination, you just need to maximize your score.

Now the question arises, How will you find out which are your strong subjects and which are the weak ones. Doing this is quite simple, appear for 2–3 Mock Tests before you start your UGC NET Preparation. These mock tests will help you assess the following:

(a) The difference between your current preparation level and the level that is required to pass the exam.

(b) If you need to work on certain topics from scratch.

(c) If you are taking too much time in solving questions.

Then you can make a list of topics in the following categories:

(a) Topics that you are comfortable with and can solve quickly. – (Strong Subjects)

(b) Topics that you are comfortable with but taking time in solving. – (Medium Subjects)

(c) Topics that you have solved earlier but forgot the method of solving. – (Medium Subjects)

(d) Topics that you are not at all comfortable with. – (Weak Subjects)

I hope this helps you to some extent in the NET Exam Preparation and by now your doubt on how to crack UGC NET Paper 1 & Paper 2 Exam must have vanished. Also, I guarantee you, if you follow this strategy on How to Prepare for UGC NET Paper 1 and Paper 2 Exam, you can easily crack UGC NET JRF Exam with flying colours.

All the Best!!

Don’t forget to read the UGC NET JRF syllabus in detail for a better idea of the exam and then only you will be able to properly follow the strategy on How to Prepare for UGC NET Paper 1 and Paper 2 Exam. So, here is the Section Wise Analysis of UGC NET Exam.

There is no sectional cut off & no sectional timing. In Paper I, they’ll give 50 questions to you at once, and you can solve them in any order within 60 minutes. Just after Paper I, Paper II will be held consisting of 100 Questions. The total timing of the exam consisting of Paper I and Paper II is 3 Hours.

Let’s discuss some strategies on UGC NET How to crack.

  • Follow a methodical pattern of studying for maximum benefits keeping the latest trends of paper in mind.
  • Don’t Follow single books. Try to study selective topics from different Books. To help students we have also launched our UGC NET paper 1 Book. You can get the Book here. UGC NET Book by Anuj Jindal
  • Prepare a study schedule on UGC NET How to crack including as many varied topics as you can and study accordingly.
  • Study basic concepts in mass communication for the communication topic.
  • Study each topic as 6 questions will definitely come from each Section.
  • It’s important to study Teaching and Research in-depth as the most difficult questions are usually in this section. Revise basic mathematics concepts from class 10th, focusing mainly on understanding sets/patterns and improve approximation technique
  • Data Interpretation is generally based on statistics, so study statistics from class 10th to prepare.
  • Read any new material (not too long) and try summarizing it in a few points to practice for reading comprehension.
  • People and Environment should be prepared from Class 10th as well
  • Information and Communication Technology and the Higher Education System should be given sufficient time as both are material-heavy
  • Prepare Information and Communication Technology and Higher Education System from books specified for UGC NET
  • Use flashcards and charts for Information and Communication Technology, Definitions, abbreviations, and terminology are very important for Information and Communication Technology so make sure you know them well
  • Study for Higher Education System Governance, Polity and Administration using flowcharts
  • Practice as many sample papers/previous year papers as you can to gain speed and accuracy
  • Don’t forget to check the sample UGC NET Paper 1/previous UGC NET Paper 1 soon after completing it so you can identify and improve on your weak areas.
  • Don’t jump to an online-test or any test series without completing the Syllabus. This is the most important part of the Strategy on How to Prepare for UGC NET Paper 1 and Paper 2 Exam.

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