According to the Paris Principles Relating to Status of National Institutions (1993), which serve as an international benchmark, independence from the government is one of the most crucial elements in building effective human rights institutions.

This principle is seriously undermined whenever there is political interference in appointments and whenever the tenure and stability of these institutions is subject to the whims and fancies of the government.

The judiciary has played its part well by revoking such arbitrary appointments, but now it is for the government to demonstrate its willingness to establish strong and independent institutions according to the rule of law.

  1. NHRC
  2. National Commission for Protection of Children’s Rights
  3. National Disaster Management Committee
  4. National Commission for Women



  1. Used by political parties to appoint their own known people thereby promoting nepotism instead of merit. [selection on political grounds]
  2. The selection process hence remains opaque.
  3. Removal of heads and members is seen during change of government.