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Recommended books for RBI Grade B Exam

Get all the RBI Grade B preparation books on this page. Mere coverage of all the below-mentioned books recommended for rbi grade b exam does not ensure selection due to the nature of the examination. Most of all, Application of concepts and learnings determine success. Therefore, do not just focus on covering all the RBI grade b books. Also, focus on understanding and applying what you read and study. This page will cover RBI Grade B Books Phase 2 & Phase 1 .

Economic & Social Issues – Ramesh Singh
Economic & Social Issues – Macroeconomics NCERT
Finance & Management- Bharti Pathak
Finance & Management- M.Y Khan

Prasanna Chandra – Finance & Management

Finance & Management –
Khan & Jain
Finance & Management-
D.K. Goel

T.N. Chhabra – Finance & Management

Finance & Management –
C.B. Gupta

T.N. Chhabra – Finance & Management