An Administrative Officer (AO) in NICL acts as the First – Officer. This post involves a lot of decision making. An NICL AO has to perform a number of tasks, however, the major part of the responsibility involves Claim Settlements, Underwriting, assessing risks and Supervising Assistants’ work. Sometimes the AOs are asked to verify the risk proposals and authorization of claims. job profile of nicl ao    work in nicl po  nicl ao job profile

Since it is an authoritative job, an AO can assign and distribute the work to his team and keep a check on their performance. Being in the insurance sector, a lot of the work is related to insurance policies, including health, motor vehicles, industrial, accident, fire, etc. however, the job role varies as per the requirement of the department. 


Probation and Mandatory Tests  

The Probation period for the direct recruited AOs is 1 year, extendable upto another 6 months. The probation period is more or less like a training phase for the direct recruited AOs wherein various types of trainings are conducted.  

The directed recruited AO then have to pass the non-life “Licentiate Examination conducted by Insurance Institute of India. The probation will be over only after clearing this examination, the AO will be eligible for confirmation of services in NICL. In cae you fail to pass the test, you will be terminated from service.  


Bond Period  

The bond period for NICL is 4 years. The direct recruited AOs need to give an undertaking in writing to serve NICL for a minimum of 4 years.  

Candidates who are Preparing for SSC or Civil Services should not opt for NICL, in case they resign before 4 years, they have to pay damages equivalent to one year’s gross salary of NICE AO + Rs 25,000 towards cost of training.  


Posting Locations  

AOs can be posted anywhere in India, just like all other banking and other insurance companies. Generally, the vacancies are in the eastern & southern India. Transfers in NICL usually takes place after three years of service. work in nicl po   nicl ao job profile

Career Growth  

Promotions are generally seniority based. The first promotion takes around 5 years but AOs are eligible for promotion after 3 years through fast track channel. Promotions are slow as compared to banks. However, there is no sabbatical leave i.e., you are not allowed to take unpaid leaves for further study. You would need to resign from NICL if you want to take admission in a college and would also have to pay the bond if your probation is not completed.  job profile of nicl ao  

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