1. Why needed:
    1. Check on hasty actions of the assembly
    2. Allows more debate on topics
    3. Individuals who are experts in respective fields and not able to get elected in popular elections are able to contribute to law making process


  1. Abolish:
    1. Does not have effective power as assembly can reject all amendments proposed by it
    2. Leaders with influence who lose elections are nominated to this House or people with relations with political leaders.
    3. Strain state finances — Approx. Rs. 100 crore are required to establish and then Rs. 20 crore per year to run it as per standing committee


  1. Procedure:
    1. State must pass the resolution with special majority in assembly to create or abolish it
    2. Then must be passed by the Parliament as well


Standing Committee of the Parliament has recommended a National Policy with regards to creating the second chamber in various states.