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Should Supreme court interfere?

  • Yes it should:
    • Economic and emotional importance of cricket: Given the level of economic and emotional importance of this game, constant reform is must to ensure that it does not become an avenue for corruption.
    • Internal Reform not in sight: If internal reform within BCCI was not in sight, than the government does have a role to ensure that reforms are put into place.
    • Corruption was unchecked: The IPL governing council appoints a 3-member probe panel to look into alleged corruption and match fixing with 2 former High court judges on the panel.


  • Recommendations:
    • One member, one vote:
      • The radical ‘one member, one vote’ formula suggests that if a state (like Maharashtra or Gujarat) has three associations, one of them will have full voting rights, while the other two will be relegated to associate members. BCCI doesn’t agree to this.
    • Ministers and bureaucrats: will not be allowed to hold positions on the board, nor will those holding positions in their state associations or those above 70 years of age.
    • BCCI and IPL must have different and separate governing bodies
    • Limits on the term of President and re-appointment as well.
    • BCCI to come under RTI