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Syllabus & Past Year Papers

We shall provide you with an in-depth study of the syllabus, & Past Year Papers with answers and explanations.

Useful Study Sources

We shall provide you with a list of the most useful study sources that you’ll use to ACE the NABARD Phase II exam.

Personalized Study Plan

We shall design for you the most appropriate study plan calibrated to match your personality so that you don’t have to break a sweat.

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What You’ll Get In The All-Inclusive 30-Day Crash Course

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First You'll Get:

The most comprehensive Video lessons with the most optimal sound and video quality, designed specifically let loose the NABARD cracking beast that lies dormant within you.

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Third You'll Get:

The most exhaustive Mock Tests, to make you so battle-hardened that by the time you get down to take the NABARD Phase II, it’ll feel like an absolute cakewalk.

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Second You'll Get:

The most Interactive Live Sessions are hosted by the most Awe-Inspiring Mentors. Here you’ll be able to learn important concepts and clear all your doubts simultaneously.

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Fourth You'll Get:

The most all-inclusive PDFs and notes covering all the topics listed in the NABARD Phase II syllabus. These will ensure that you do not miss out on even the minutest of topics.

Bonus 1 

Regular doubt clearing sessions to help you attain the clarity of a crystal before setting foot into the exam hall.

Bonus 2

24/7 direct calling facility, which you can use to call us directly & discuss any and everything that might be bothering you.

Bonus 3

Ebooks to help you keep your study focused and organized.

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NABARD Grade A & B Crash Course 

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Anuj Jindal

Complete Course of NABARD Grade A & B for Phase 1 & Phase 2

NABARD Grade A & B Phase 2 Crash Course

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