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Hi friends. Seeing you on this page, I think it is safe to assume that you have your sights fixed on the upcoming NABARD Grade A exams

However, it’s my duty to inform you that cracking the NABARD Grade A and Grade B exam won’t be an easy task.

Aspirants prepare for the exams with all their hearts and minds, and this means you will face tough competition.

This heavy competition that you are so definitely bound to face during the NABARD Grade A recruitments easily causes it to be one of the toughest exams in the country today. 

Now just for a while let’s divulge and ask ourselves why so many people flock to compete in this exam annually.

Well, it’s because cracking the NABARD Grade A exam is what will grant you the opportunity to be a NABARD Grade A officer (Assistant Manager), have guaranteed career stability, great compensations, work steadiness, work fulfillment, and the opportunity to play a part in the nation’s rural, agricultural, and economic development. 

So, getting back to the topic at hand, to crack the NABARD Grade B exam or any other exam for that matter would require you to keep in mind something that I have written about in the next lines. So read carefully. 

There are two points that will decide whether someone will make it through in their exams or not. The first is the will power and determination of the candidate. This is something that will make him work really hard to prepare for the exam. 

    The second is the right study material for that particular exam, without which even the hardest and the most motivated of workers can’t make it through to the other side. 

    Furthermore, the candidate needs to make sure that he carries both of the above points together while preparing for the exam if he wishes to succeed.

    Both of the aforementioned points are useless in and of themselves if taken individually.

    Therefore I repeat, the candidate needs to carry both of the points together if he wishes to succeed in his exams.  

    Having said that, I want to say that the first point, which is the required motivation and will power, is a responsibility that will be entirely yours to take. I’ll play no part in that.

    The second point, however, is where I have got you covered 

    Assuming that you are prepared to work the absolute daylights off yourselves to crack the upcoming NABARD Grade B exam, I have compiled for you the most requested for and important NABARD Grade A exam preparation materials and notes; and guess what, all of these materials are for free. 

    Now, I guess it’s time for me to hand out to you the free NABARD Grade A and B study materials and notes.

      Table of Content – NABARD Grade A & Grade B Free Study Material

      1. Prelims

      2. Mains 

      3. PDFs

      NABARD Grade A & B Crash Course Discount

      NABARD Grade A & Grade B Prelims Exam Free Study Material Videos

      S. No. Test Name Videos
      1. Reasoning Watch Video
      2. English Language Watch Video
      3. General Awareness Watch Video
      4. Quantitative Aptitude Watch Video
      5. ESI: Economic and Social Issues (focus on Rural India) Watch Video
      6. ARD: Agriculture and Rural Development (focus on Rural India) Watch Video

      NABARD Grade A & Grade B Mains Exam Free Study Material Videos

      S. No. Exam Test Name Videos
      1. Paper 1 (Descriptive Test) General English : The paper would include questions on essay writing, report writing, precis writing, comprehension, letter writing, and paragraph writing. Watch Video
      2. Paper 2 ESI and ARD (with focus on Rural India) Watch Video

      This brings us to the end of this short blog article. In this I have made available, the NABARD Grade A & B Notes PDF, Latest NABARD Grade A & B Study Material PDF, NABARD Grade A & B Full Video Playlists Subject-Wise.

      That said, you’ll find below the links to the most frequently asked for free study materials pertaining to the NABARD Grade A exam. With that, I bid you farewell and Good luck.

      Free NABARD Grade A Exam Materials and Notes: 

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        • Hello Madhvi,
          Please elaborate this statement clearly.

        • Pls provide me a notes of ESI and ard

          • Hello Charitha,
            Please raise your query on this WhatsApp number 9999466225 or mail us on

          • Is there any sperate course for NABARD grade A phase 2

            • Hello Gaurav,
              Please post your query on this number 9999466225 or mail us at

      2. Hi,

        Are there any tailored courses available for Phase 2 alone?

        • Hello There,
          For rbi, yes there are phase2 courses which included phase1 as complimentary.

      3. Hello ,
        Can I have ebook regarding NABARD GRADE A ESI AND ARD section

        • Hello saurabh,
          Ebooks for nabard are not given by us right now.

      4. Hello,
        Can I get access to agriculture study material for other chapters also please.

        Here i could see only till chapter 6.

        Please help.

        • Hello Bhargavi,

          Please post your query on this number +91 9999466225

      5. hello,

        Chapter 7 to chapter 13 are missing in the above attached notes of nabard grade a . If you could attach them then it would be of immense help. With gratitude

        • Hey, it is available after the enrollment in the course. You can visit:

      6. Sir, I'm in bcom 2nd year and want to prepare for banking sector exams. So, can u give me some guidance like from where to start and how to get prepared for RBI GR.B, NABARD GR.A and SBI PO together.

        • Hello Ayush,
          You can ask your query on this number 9999466225 or mail us on

      7. I want to get study material for nabard grade a exam2021
        Plse help me sr

        • Hello Ashok,
          You can ask your query on this number 9999466225 or mail us on

      8. Sir do you provide any sample or study material for nabard main descriptive exam ( agriculture and english )

        • Hello Eloni,
          Yes, I do provide the study material for NABARD Phase 2 Mains. If you want to enrol in the course to get all material in one place, you can visit the course page and enrol for the same. If you need free material, kindly refer to my Youtube Channel with the name Anuj Jindal.

      9. Also Looking For UPSC Notes

        • Hello Khushi,
          Please go through the below-mentioned link.

      10. sir can you provide interview material for nabard grade a

        • Hello Saurabh,
          Yes, Interview guidance will be provided.

      11. Is there any book for descriptive agriculture for phase 1 mains agriculture section

        • Hi,
          Not yet. We're working on topic-wise descriptive questions and answers for agricultural in the course.


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