Career Growth & Job Profile NABARD Grade A

Today, we are going to discuss the NABARD Grade A Job profile & Career growth. This article will help all the students to gain an insight about the various opportunities and career growth that they would get after clearing the examination. We will discuss the NABARD Grade A Job Profile, Salary and Perks that you get after clearing NABARD Grade A Exam.

NABARD Grade A Job Profile

NABARD Grade A Job profile generally encompasses administrative work. Generally, it is a 9 to 5 kind of a job. But it is not a bland kind of a job without any vivacity. The Job Profile of NABARD Grade A Officer is dynamic as well as amplifying. The Assistant Manager is the lowest rank in the Managerial hierarchy of this organization.

NABARD Grade A officer is supposed to be shouldered with the following responsibilities:

The NABARD Grade A Job Profile is an administrative kind of a profile including umpteen task handling. Your duties can be in alignment with various departments as being a manager you are supposed to handle all kinds of functions going on in the organization.

Central/State Government policy issues (related to Agricultural and Rural development) are also one of the functional areas of a Grade A officer as s/he is required to facilitate these policies/programmes in the best interests of the organization.

Being at the lowest step of the Managerial hierarchy of NABARD, a Grade A officer is obligatory to the Chief General Manager of the regional office. The main advantage of the job Profile of NABARD Grade A officer is that you don’t have to directly meet the customers and do customer services which happens a lot in banking jobs.

So, that was all about the NABARD Grade A officer career. Initially, the recruited candidates are put on a probation period of 2 years which can get extended up to a maximum of one year as per NABARD Grade A notification.

But there is one more thing left which pesters students the most and that is the posting issue. I want to thwart this suspicion that the NABARD Grade A Job posting is in the rural areas. Although NABARD is an organization constituted chiefly to assist Agriculture and Rural Development projects, that does not mean that all the NABARD Grade A Job postings will be in rural areas.

NABARD headquarter is in Mumbai and all the other working offices are located in the state capitals only. Therefore, the postings are generally circumscribed in the state capitals only.

You can also check NABARD Grade A Vacancies.

I hope this blog helped you to understand Job profile NABARD Grade A Officer in a better way. 

NABARD Grade A Officer Career

To the extent promotions are concerned, one gets promoted simply in the wake of experiencing departmental tests and interviews. In any case, as these both are administrative posts further promotions unquestionably get extensive esteem and pay climb. The order of posts directly from the post of Assistant Manager is as per the following –

Assistant Manager
Assistant General Manager
Deputy General Manager
General Manager
Chief General Manager
Executive Director

The following designation after Manager is that of Assistant General Manager which is a profoundly esteemed post, however it accompanies its own arrangement of difficulties. An AGM can be posted as a District Development Manager (DDM) in a rural region that works from a resident cum office. It is a single man office and DDM is endowed with the duty regarding empowering riral improvement exercises and observing their advancement.

NABARD Grade A and B Work Environment

The work pressure for both the presents is low compared to PSBs. It likewise relies upon the greatness of the tasks of a branch. NABARD Grade A and B is a five days working employment and one can keep up great work-life balance at NABARD.