PRAKASH SINGH Case judgment 2006

  • Require:
    • States and the Centre to put in place mechanisms to ensure that: The police have functional responsibility while remaining under the supervision of the executive; political control over the police is kept within legitimate bounds; internal management systems are fair, transparent; policing is increased in terms of its core functions, and public complaints are addressed through an independent mechanism.
    • Problems:
      • In 17 Police Acts passed since 2006, state governments have given themselves the sole discretion to appoint police chiefs instead of choosing from a panel recommended by the UPSC.
      • In many of the 9 operational Police Complaints Authorities currently in place, their design has been subverted by appointing serving police officers as judges in their own cause.
      • Lack of independent investigators.
      • Model Bill of 2006 drafted under Soli Sorabjee’s chairpersonship has been adopted in breach by 17 states and entirely ignored by the Centre.