RBI Grade B 2016 Previous Question Paper With Solution PD

RBI are recruiting Grade B in all over India. Lakhs of Aspirants are writing the exam very seriously.  Here we will provide RBI Grade B Previous Year Question Papers in Pdf format.Download the RBI Grade B Previous Papers and kindly share it with your friends. We are providing RBI Grade B Phase 2 Previous year Question Papers to help you prepare for Phase 2. 

Most of the questions mentioned here are factual and direct. Unfortunately most students do not remember the analytical questions asked in the exam. If you wish to ADD more questions to this list, leave a comment below.

ESI and Finance & Management:

1. What is the total outlay of Himayat scheme announced in budget 2016?

Ans- 1601 crores

2. What is the GDP growth rate in India in 2015-16?

Ans- 7.6%

3. International solar alliance is an alliance between India and?

Ans- France

4. In Kudankulam plant, the name of the protest group is?

Ans- People’s movement against nuclear energy

5. Kudankulam project is between India and?

Ans- Russia

6.  When a country is experiencing a fall in inflation growth, it is termed as?

Ans- Disinflation

7. In brexit, which all countries sided with staying in EU?

Ans- Scotland and northern Ireland

8. After Brexit, the fall in sensex was

Ans- 1091 points or 1391 points

9. what was the final result in Brexit referendum vote?

Ans- 51.89 :48.11

10. Mitakshara law applies to which all states

Answer is not clear yet

11. Who is the head of “E-commerce committee”

Ans- Amitabh kant

12. What is the meaning of systemic risk

Ans- a risk that affects the entire banking system

13. Who is the Regulator of Mutual Funds in India


14. MBO theory was given by

Ans- Peter Drucker

15. If Beta is negative, what does it mean?

Ans- if beta is negative, the stock price will be inversly proportional to the market.

16. Who is the head of Monetary Policy Committee

Ans- Governor of RBI

17. How many members in MPC

Ans- 6

18. Features of social movement

  • Effort by a group

  • By an individual

  • Aims to bring a change or resist a change

  • Organized or disorganized

19 .What problems can an organization face if it outsource its business?

Options not clear

20. Trade facilitation agreement is related to which organization

Ans- WTO

21. What does theory X say about managers assumptions?

Ans- employees do not like to work

22. What are perpetual bonds?

Ans- bonds with no redemption date

23. Which scheme will not eliminate poverty


24. Total members in IMF

Ans- 189

25. India’s ranking in ease of doing business

Ans- 130

26. In which state is tawang located

Ans– Arunachal Pradesh

27. who is the head of a committee formed to study “impacts of changing financial year”

Ans- Shankar acharya

28. Ethanol blending ratio in petroleum products

Ans- options not clear

29. Who among the following was not WEF chair-

Ans- options not clear

30. DEEP, TARANG are related to

Ans- power transmission

31. India’s Per capita income according to census is

Ans- 93293

32. Year of first five year plan

Ans- 1951

33. Full form of ICAAP

Ans- Internal capital adequacy assessment process

34. MSME database inaugurated by?

Ans- Arun Jaitley

35. Export target for 2020

Ans- $ 900 billion

36. EPS full form

Ans- employee pension scheme

37. Human capital index topped by which country

Ans- Finland

38. Number of statutory towns and cities in swachh bharat mission

Ans- 4041 towns

39. India has received largest funds under IDA in which category

Ans- water, sanitation and flood control

40. Fiscal deficit target for 2016-17

Ans- 3.5%

41. Number of members in estimates committee

Ans- 30

42. A creates a program and wants to sell it. He ties up with B, who agrees to give him 10,000 for the program. A then bargains by saying that the 10,000 will be used in completing the task. They finally decide to split the profits from the program in the ratio of 60:40. What type of arrangement is it-

  • Accommodation

  • Collaboration

  • Compromise

43. Which of the following is not a component of MCLR?

  • Overhead costs

  • CRR SLR negative carry

  • Marginal cost of funds

  • Tenor premium

44. who is a specified borrower?

Ans- borrower with more than Rs 25000 crores debt

Practical Questions-

45. Break even practical question- Total cost is Rs 12000 on 1000 units and Rs 12800 on 1200 units. Find out Break Even point.

Answer is not clear yet

46. Practical Question- find out NPV of a proposal where an outlay of XXXX is expected to provide annual inflow for 14 years amounting to YYYY and a redemption at the end of 20 years amounting to ZZZZ. Interest is payable half yearly and annual Cost of capital is 9%. (PVAF@0.09= AA; PVAF@0.045= BB; PVF@0.045= CC)

Answer was “none of these”


47. Essay- Write an essay in about 200 words (40 marks)

  • Effect of GST on common person

  • Role of citizens in building smart cities

  • Farmers suicide- social and economic implications

  • Role of technology in banking industry

48. Passage on “Animal testing for creating drugs/ medicines, cosmetics etc”.

The précis was to be written in 170 words (30 marks)

49. Comprehension- Answer any 5 questions from the following 6. Paragraph on “operations of banking industry”. (30 marks)