RBI Grade B Question Paper – RBI Grade B 2019 Question Paper

    RBI is recruiting Grade B in all over India. Lakhs of Aspirants are writing the exam very seriously.  Here we will provide RBI Grade B Question Paper in PDF format. Download the RBI Grade B 2019 Question Paper and kindly share it with your friends. We are providing RBI Grade B Phase 1 Question Paper as well as RBI Grade B Phase 2 Question Paper of the year 2019 to help you prepare for the RBI Grade B Examination. 

    In this post, we have provided RBI Grade B Question Paper 2019 with a detailed solution. RBI Grade B Officer 2020 notification will be released soon. The aspirants should start their preparation from now. It is essential to go through RBI Grade B 2019 Question Paper to be familiar with the level of the exam properly. So, download the free PDF of the RBI Grade B 2019 Phase 1 Question Paper and RBI Grade B 2019 Phase 2 Question Paper and gear up your preparation. RBI Grade B Phase 1 exam is expected to be held by the month of September 2020.

    These are the memory-based questions of the RBI Grade B 2019 Question Paper. This RBI Grade B Question Paper 2019 will help you understand the type of questions asked in the exam. So, attempt this RBI Grade B Phase 1 Question Paper 2019 and RBI Grade B Phase 2 Question Paper 2019 and check your preparation level for RBI Grade B Officer Exam. You can check the questions asked in the RBI Grade B Question Paper 2019.

    In this article, candidates will find memory based RBI Grade B Question Paper of the year 2019 with the solution. Candidates preparing for the exam can solve the RBI Grade B 2019 Phase 1 Question Paper and Phase 2 Question Paper to get a better idea about the level of actual paper.

    The Grade B Officers are recruited in Reserve Bank of India through the RBI Grade B exam, the conducting body of which is RBI itself. The RBI Grade B exam 2020 exam notification yet to release.

    Questions asked in PHASE 1 RBI GRADE B 2019 (Morning Shift)

    • 5th World Parliament of Science Religion and Philosophy was held in – Pune [YES-OCTOBER]
    • To commemorate 550th Birth anniversary of __________, UNESCO decided to translate and publish anthology of his writings into world languages. – Guru Nanak Dev [YES-SEPTEMBER]
    • The 2019 Nobel Chemistry Prize was based on – Lithium ion Batteries [YES-OCTOBER]
    • What is the theme for UN International Day of Girl Child? – “Girl Force – Unscripted and Unstoppable” [YES-OCTOBER]
    • Where are the Top 3 cleanest railway stations located? State – Rajasthan [YES-OCTOBER]
    • Conference of Parties of UNCCD has been recently taken over by which country from China – India [YES- JUNE]
    • Niti Aayog and _____ collaborated for disinvestment in PSU – DIPAM (Dept of Investment and Public Asset Mgt) [YES -OCTOBER]
    • Helsinki is the capital of – Finland [NO]
    • SCO meeting in November 2019 is taking place at which place? – Tashkent, Uzbekistan [YES-OCTOBER]
    • Pakyong airport is at which place? – Sikkim [NO]
    • Express FD is launched by which bank? – Axis Bank [YES- OCTOBER]
    • Theme of World’s Teachers Day – Young Teachers – The future of Profession [YES-OCTOBER DAILY]
    • UN Habitat headquarters are located in – Nairobi, Kenya [NO]
    • Vikram Sarabhai Library located in? IIM Ahmedabad [YES-OCTOEBR]
    • Central Pollution Control Board collaborated with _______ to make first E-waste Clinic. – Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh [YES-OCTOEBR]
    • Mascot for 2020 Winter Olympics to be held in China – Bing Dwen Dwen [YES SEPTEMBER]- NAME FORGOTTEN
    • Floating basketball court is in which city? – Mumbai [YES-OCTOBER]
    • 50th World Economic Forum Meet – Davos, Switzerland [YES-SEPTEMBER]
    • Credit Saison India based out of which place? Bengaluru [YES-OCTOBER]
    • 2019 Japan Open Title is won by whom? Novak Djokovic [YES-JULY]
    • Sarah Taylor is the cricketer of which country? – England [NO]
    • Article 15 relates to – Prohibition of Discrimination based on the grounds of caste, religion, creed, etc. [NO]
    • The 150th Gandhian challenge is made by NITI Aayog and which other organization? – UNICEF [YES-OCTOBER DAILY]
    • What was the tagline of the mega life insurance campaign? – ‘Sabse Pehle Life Insurance’ [YES-OCTOBER DAILY]
    • Lalji Tondon is the governor of – Madhya Pradesh [NO]
    • RastrIya Ekta Diwas is celebrated for whom? – Vallabhbhai Patel [YES-OCTOBER]
    • Where is Rudrasagar lake? – Tripura [YES-SEPTEMBER]
    • Headquarters of Laxmi Vilas Bank are located in – Chennai [YES-STATIC GA]
    • Warfare exercise has been organised with PLA. PLA is the army of? – China (People’s Liberation Army) THERE WAS NO WARFARE EXERCISE CONDUCTED BY CHINA
    • IAEA secretariat – headquarters – Vienna, Austria [YES-STATIC GA]
    • According to World Population Prospect, population will grow by 2 billion in how many years? 30 Years (By 2050) [YES- June]
    • World Cotton Day event took place in which city? – Geneva [YES- OCTOBER]
    • 7th World Hindu Economic Forum held in which city? – Mumbai [YES- SEPTEMBER]
    • Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project is built in which state? – Telangana [YES- SEPTEMBER]
    • Edgar Chagwa is the president of which country? – Zambia [NO]
    • Professional Cricket Association Player of the year – Ben Stokes [NO]
    • Himvijay exercise took place in which state? – Arunachal Pradesh [YES-SEPTEMBER]
    • NTPC solar park is in which state? – Kutch, Gujarat [YES-OCTOBER DAILY]
    • Social Stock Exchange is proposed by whom? – SEBI [YES- JULY & SEPT]
    • 5 GDP health is achieved by which year? By 2025 [YES-OCTOBER]
    • NETRA was launched by whom? – ISRO [YES-SEPTEMBER]
    • Greta Thunberg belongs to which country – Sweden [NO]
    • RBI rejected the merger of India Bulls and ____ – Lakshmi Vilas Bank [YES-OCTOBER]
    • PV Sindhu has been appointed as the Brand Ambassador of – Visa Card [YES- SEPTEMBER]
    • First Lt Governor of Ladakh – RK Mathur [YES-OCTOBER]
    • UN Settlement Agency/ UN HABITAT headquarters –
    • First Bank of the country to use Robotic Hand to count currency – ICICI Bank [YES- AUGUST DAILY]
    • South East Asia’s largest solar power plant is located in which country? – Vietnam [YES-SEPTEMBER]
    • NTPC proposed to build a mega power project with a capacity of 5000 GW in which state? [NO]
    • PNB is proposed to be merged with – United Bank of India [YES-SEPTEMBER]
    • Question related to Kounotori8 [YES-SEPTEMBER]
    • 7th Tiger Reserve Ratapani Tiger Reserve – Madhya Pradesh [NO]
    • Tanegashima Space Center is located in which country – Japan [YES-SEPTEMBER]
    • James Peebles, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz have been awarded Nobel Prize 2019 in – Physics [YES-OCTOBER]
    • Apache Helicopters were delivered by which US company – Boeing [YES-MAY]
    • INS Khanderi has been commissioned recently from – Mazegaon Dockyard [YES-SEPTEMBER]
    • What is the name of exercise conducted by Indian Army in Ladkah? Chang Thang [YES-SEPTEMBER]
    • Where will be G20 summit 2020 be held? Saudi Arabia [YES-OCTOBER]
    • Autobiography “Lesson life taught me Unknowingly” – Anupam Kher [YES-JUNE]
    • Theme for “International Women’s day” – “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change” [YES- MARCH]
    • Capital requirement for Small Finance Bank – Rs 200 crore [YES-SEPTEMBER]
    • Name of Rohit Sharma’s Rhino Initiative – Rohit4Rhino launched with – WWF (World Wide Fund) India and Animal Planet [YES-SEPTEMBER]
    • ______ has the largest diaspora of World Migration Stock – India [YES-SEPTEMBER]
    • Revised name of Reliance Mutual Fund – Nippon India Mutual Fund [YES-OCTOBER]
    • Piyush Goyal – Member of Rajya Sabha from which state? – Maharashtra [NO]
    • Ekuverin Exercise held in – Pune [YES-OCTOBER]
    • Recently GOI and LIC has infused Rs 9300 cr in which bank? – IDBI Bank [YES-SEPTEMBER]
    • Rajnath Singh visited Defence Expo in which country?
    • Recently which state cooperative bank merger has been approved in – Kerala State cooperative Bank [YES- OCTOBER]
    • Director of Gully Boy – Zoya Akhtar [YES-JULY & SEPTEMBER]
    • Industry 4.0 Pilot Project between – Ministry of Railways and IIT Kanpur [YES- September]
    • Nirmala Sheroron was banned. She belongs to – Athletics [NO]
    • Muni Bond launched – SEBI [YES- AUGUST & OCTOBER]
    • Question related to Courageous Journalism Award [NO]
    • HL Trivedi died recently – He was renowned – Nephrologist [NO]
    • National Nutrition Survey, led by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has been launched in collaboration with – UNICEF [YES-OCTOBER]
    • India has offered an additional $ 236 million credit to _______ for setting up a 1.5 million tonne per annum oil refinery in that country – Mongolia [YES-OCTOBER]
    • A new book titled “150 Years of Celebrating the Mahatma the South African Legacy”, by Fakir Hassen launched – Johannesburg, South Africa [YES-OCTOBER]

    Questions asked in PHASE 1 RBI GRADE B 2019 (Afternoon Shift)

    1. Where was the G7 summit 2019 held? Ans. Biarritz, France (AUGUST)
    2. Where is the headquarter of UNESCO? Ans. Paris, France
    3. Manila is the capital of which country? Ans. Philippines
    4. Who is the brand ambassador of MasterCard? Ans. MS Dhoni (OCTOBER)
    5. Where is the Nakki Lake located in? Ans. Rajasthan
    6. Which bank is being merged with Union Bank of India? Ans. Andhra Pradesh and Corporation Bank(SEPTEMBER)
    7. Which state does the consumer affair and food distribution minister Ram Vilas Paswan belong to? Ans. Bihar
    8. What is the percentage of gross NPA in banking sector in India, according to RBI’s Annual Report 2018-19? Ans. 9.1% (AUGUST)
    9. Bali Jatra festival is observed by which state? Ans. Odisha (OCTOBER DAILY)
    10. With Which sport is Manju Rani related to? Ans. Boxing (OCTOBER)
    11. 14th Nov is internationally celebrated as? Ans. World Diabetes Day
    12. To which country does cricketer Ben stokes belong? Ans. England (DAILY)
    13. For which sector does the RBI launched Central Information System for Banking Infrastructure (CISBI)? Ans. Cooperative banks (OCTOBER)
    14. Who has authored The Daughter from a Wishing Tree book? Ans. Sudha Murthy (OCTOBER)
    15. Where is the Kaiga national park located? Ans. Karnataka
    16. Which state does the Kuchipudi dance form belong to?Ans. Andhra Pradesh
    17. Where was the BRICS cultural meeting held? Ans. Curitiba, Brazil (OCTOBER DAILY)
    18. With which sport is the Subroto Cup associated? Ans. Football (SEPTEMBER)
    19. Which country has launched the Gaofen Satellite? Ans. China (OCTOBER)
    20. What is the capital of Sierra Leone? Ans. Freetown
    21. With which country does India conduct Vajra Prahar military exercise? Ans. USA (OCTOBER)
    22. Which country has launched the Minuteman III intercontinental satellite? Ans. USA (OCTOBER)
    23. Which country does the Nobel prize winner Peter Handke belongs to? (Recently won Nobel prize in literature) Ans. Austria (OCTOBER)
    24. What is the reason for awarding William G Kaelin, Gregg L Semenza and Peter J Ratcliff with the Nobel Prize in medicine 2019? Ans. For their discoveries of how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability. (OCTOBER)
    25. Which state has hosted the India International Cooperatives Trade Fair? Ans. New Delhi (OCTOBER)
    26. Bernadine Evaristo has been awarded with the Booker Prize 2019 for which book? Ans. Girl, Woman and Other (OCTOBER)
    27. Which country has abolished the Kafala System? Ans. Qatar
    28. Which ministry has launched the Dhruv- Pradhan Mantri Innovative Learning Program? Ans. Ministry of HRD (OCTOBER)
    29. Which country will host the G7 Summit 2020? Ans. USA (AUGUST)
    30. Where is Kiaga Atomic Power Station located? Ans. Karnataka
    31. Which bank has launched the ‘FD Health’- fixed deposit scheme? Ans. ICICI bank (OCTOBER DAILY)
    32. In which state does the Shinyuu Maitri exercise between India and Japan held? Ans. West Bengal (OCTOBER)
    33. What does Article 22 elaborate? Ans. Protection against arrest and detention in certain cases
    34. Where was the women’s world boxing championship held? Ans. Ulan Ude, Russia (OCTOBER)
    35. How many languages does the new version of BHIM 2.0 support? Ans. 3 (Haryanvi, Konkani and Bhojpuri)
    36. To which country does cricketer Jennie Gunn belong? Ans. England
    37. What is the new minimum net worth threshold for Bharat Bill Payment Operating Unit under the new on-tap authorization guidelines of RBI? Ans. Rs 100 crore (OCTOBER)
    38. Which organization has published the ‘South Asia Economic Focus, Making (De) Centralization Works’? Ans. World Bank (OCTOBER)
    39. Merchant Discount Rates are exempted for organization with an annual turnover of more than ___? Ans. Rs 50 crore (OCTOBER)
    40. Which payments bank has recently shut its operation? Ans. Aditya Birla Idea Payments Bank (JULY)
    41. With which bank has Home Credit India partnered for co-lending? Ans. Karur Vyasa Bank (OCTOBER DAILY)
    42. With which company has Airtel Payment Bank partnered to launch the “Mosquito Disease Protection Policy”? Ans. HDFC Ergo (SEPTEMBER)
    43. With which bank has Bandhan Bank partnered to launch the co-branded credit card? Ans. Standard Chartered Bank (AUGUST)
    44. This is the ___ time that Tokyo is hosting summer Olympics 2020? Ans. 2nd
    45. Where is Green Park Stadium located? Ans. Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
    46. Which state celebrates the Shirui Lily festival? Ans. Manipur (OCTOBER DAILY)
    47. Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov has passed away. Which country does he belong to? Ans. Russia (OCTOBER)
    48. Which is the second highest speaking language after Hindi in India, according to Census 2011? Ans. Bengali – Census 2011 (ESI)
    49. Where is the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park located? Ans. West Bengal
    50. Central Vigilance Commission has formed a committee, headed by T M Bhasin for examining bank frauds of over ___? Ans. RS 50 crore (AUGUST)
    51. Which organization releases the State of World’s Children Report 2019? Ans. UNICEF (OCTOBER)
    52. Which country has the lowest area among all UTs, according to the Census 2011? Ans. Lakshadweep – Census 2011 (ESI)
    53. Abiy Ahmed Ali has been awarded Nobel Peace Prize 2019 for promoting peace with which nation? Ans. Eritrea (OCTOBER)
    54. Who has been awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award at India Sports Honours? Ans. Milkha Singh
    55. Who has been awarded the best actor award, along with Ayushman Khurana, at the 66th national Awards 2019? Ans. Vicky Kaushal (AUGUST)
    56. Mahathir Mohamed is the Prime Minister of which country? Ans. Malaysia
    57. Who has become the first Indian women cricketer to complete 20 years in International Cricket?Ans. Mithali Raj
    58. Jagdeep Dhankar is the governor of which state? Ans. West Bengal
    59. Which country does King William and Queen Maxima belong to? Ans. Netherlands (OCTOBER DAILY)
    60. With which country is the Frank Worrell Trophy related to apart from Australia? Ans. West Indies
    61. Who has written the “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need” book? Ans. Bill Gates (OCTOBER)
    62. Mark Vincent Hurd has passed away. He was the ex-ceo of which company? Ans. Oracle
    63. Which state has topped the India Innovation Index 2019? Ans. Karnataka (OCTOBER)
    64. Where is the headquarters of Interpol located? Ans. Lyon, France
    65. Who has topped the Edelgive Hurun India Philanthropy List 2019? Ans. Shiv Nadar (OCTOBER)
    66. Where has world’s first AI university been established? Ans. UAE (OCTOBER)
    67. To which country has India gifted a pair of Mi-24 helicopters? Ans. Afghanistan (MAY)
    68. Where is Our Lady of glory Church located? Ans. Mumbai (OCTOBER)
    69. Where is the headquarters of International Boxing Association located? Ans. Lausanne, Switzerland
    70. What is the theme of International Girl Child Day 2019? (Also asked in Morning shift) Ans. Girl force: Unscripted and unstoppable
    71. Which company has for the first time crossed the Rs 9 lakh crore market capitalization limit?Ans. Reliance (OCTOBER)
    72. Which bank has launched the DigiSmart card? Ans. Standard Chartered Bank (SEPTEMBER)
    73. Which country has announced to leave OPEC by 2020? Ans. Ecuador (OCTOBER)
    74. Paektu Mountain is the highest mountain range of which country? Ans. North Korea
    75. With which sport is Li Xuerui associated? Ans. Badminton (OCTOBER DAILY)
    76. Which company has planned to invest $1 billion in India to set up a local payment processing center? Ans. Master Card
    77. Where is the headquarters of International Solar Alliance located? Ans. Gurugram, Haryana (JULY)
    78. Who has been awarded with the Golden Shoe award 2019? Ans. Lionel Messi (OCTOBER DAILY)
    79. Which airline has become the world’s first airline to use Taxibot on A320 aircraft with passengers on-board? Ans. Air India (OCTOBER)
    80. State trading corporation of India operates under which ministry? Ans. Ministry of Commerce