ESI 2 markers:

  1. India’s rank in Gender inequality index? 125
  2. Which of the following are Parameters for Gender Inequality Index? knowledge, living conditions, health.
  3. Jawahar rozgar yojana has been modified into – Jawahar samriddi yojana.
  4. Name the scheme which would help a person in a rural area who has done a degree in accounting to secure an opportunity without leaving for the city- Rurban mission.
  5. Jawahar Rozgar Yojana and Indira Awaz yojana restructured into which scheme? Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana.
  6. Niti Aayog Question- 3 year agenda related question.
  7. Niti Aayog 3 year agenda is related to which sectors?
  8. Social Movement in Rajasthan for Right to Information. The background was given. movement’s organization was asked- Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan.
  9. The MKSS Movement was fought for which parameters? non-payment of wages to workers.
  10. RTI was passed in which year? 2005.
  11. Monetary policy framework-total 3 questions-
  12. Committee head
  13. Reappointment rules
  14. Inflation target- Band of inflation? 2-6%
  15. Which board was removed recently? FIPB.
  16. Regarding countries of concern- how is FDI regulated through such countries?
  17. As per new rules, in how many days the FDI proposal should be passed- 60 days.
  18. Why did the government implement new FDI rules —to boost make in India?
  19. A passage explaining concerns of startup implementing maternity bill-1st question- index regarding the issue mentioned in the passage.
  20. Which of the following schemes help in regarding the issues mentioned in passage- options Kishore yojana, standup startup India, matritva yojana. The answer was all of the above.
  21. Match the following was given: left side recent bills such as finance, employee compensation, maternity- to be matched with appropriate one regarding the issue mentioned in the passage.
  22. Paris based think tank mentioned in the passage- its estimate for India for 2019 was asked.
  23. Passage based on Warangal- Question: identify the scheme- HRIDAY.
  24. City names were given. Choose the one which is not identified with HRIDAY—Aurangabad was the odd one out.
  25. Passage based on WTO- central Asia regional organization was started by which bank- ADB.
  26. Startup scheme passage- identify the scheme.
  27. Which sector will be gained through startup india scheme- MSME
  28. IIP revision passage-3 questions total- why base year is revised? Adoption of international standards of practice?
  29. Identify true statement- regarding IIP revision
  30. Introduced index for capital goods creation- name the index
  31. Scheme related to adolescent girls was asked- identify the scheme based on the passage
  32. The app designed for adolescent girls- saathiya salah
  33. Passage Regarding maternity bill- it was mentioned that India was placed in the same bracket as Iceland and some other country- a question was asked highlighting the issue mentioned in the passage and specific rank of India regarding that issue index was asked (India’s score in the index was given too- 0.683)
  34. Passage on UNCTAD- report published by it
  35. Head of MPC? Urjit Patel
  36. Population affected by the water crisis?
    ESI 1 markers:
  37. Brundtland commission’s alternative name? world commission on environment and development
  38. ASEAN summit venue in April 2017? Manila (controversial- Manila is the venue for 2018 but the question asked for 2017. 2017 venue was not mentioned in the question)
  39. SECC census- what is the % of rural households in India out of total households
  40. Cry report- people without access to clean drinking water
  41. HDI released by which organization?  UNDP
  42. GDP-DEPRECIATION gives what? NDP
  43. The market value of final goods and services produced in a year is called? GNP in case of goods and services produced by citizens; GDP in case of goods and services produced within boundaries by everyone
  44. D in FSDC stands for? Development
  45. Which country has signed an information exchange agreement with 40 countries?
  46. Which country decided to opt-out of Paris climate framework? USA
  47. Committee to review FRBM? N K Singh
  48. FRBM helps in? Fiscal Prudence
  49. Arvind Panagriya committee to collect comprehensive unemployment data
  50. Total women workforce participation rate
  51. BOP meaning? Balance of Payment
  52. 2016-17 4th quarter growth? 6.1%
  53. Dairy development fund allocation- 8000 Crore
  54. India will overtake CHINA population in which year- 2024
  55. Which PSU was approved for restructuring in May?
  56. 2 cities Of India identified as dense- Mumbai, Kota
  57. The number of SDG goals and targets? 17 goals and 169 targets
  58. Ease of doing business ranking published by? World Bank
  59. CEZ full form? Central European Zone
  60. The total population of youth aged between 15-30 who are not under any employment education or training?
  61. What is the forecast by the Economic Survey for the growth of India in 2018-19?
  62. OECD projection for India for 2018-19?
  63. DIPP under which ministry- ministry of commerce and industry
  64. Who is the chief of the NITI Aayog committee for Employment status?
  65. Information exchange agreement signed between India and which country? Switzerland
  66. The report was given by UNCTAD? world investment report
  67. Which of the following is false about NITI Aayog? A 3-year action plan is for 2017-19
  68. Maternity leave extension related to which scheme? IGMSY
  69. CAREC established by?
  70. MGNREGA comes under which ministry? Ministry of Rural Development
  71. Finance and Management: 1 and 2 markers
  72. A in BARS Stands for? Anchored
  73. Managerial leadership is also called as?
  74. Corporate governance committee under whom?
  75. Capital account convertibility risks and examples?
  76. The duality of command according to fayol causes?
  77. The study of eye movement is called?
  78. An index to measure systematic risk?
  79. Bonds that do not pay any coupon is called as? Zero-Coupon Bond
  80. Peer to Peer lending characteristics?
  81. Off-exchange transactions are called as? Over the counter
  82. Which of the following is an off-exchange agreement? Forward Contract
  83. MBO is also known as? Mgt by results
  84. Rule 72? Number of years required to double your money at a given annual rate of return
  85. A bank has a CRAR of 11.5% for the capital of 230,000 crores. calculate the minimum capital required as per BASEL 2 and RBI requirement for BASEL 2
  86. A person invests in a share of 400 rupees and after one month sold for 440 rupees. If he invests in future of the same share with 20% margin money and sells the same after one month, what will be the %age gain for both?
  87. Stock brought for Rs 45, dividend received Rs 5 and sold for Rs 85. what is the rate of return?
  88. Difference between small and payment banks?
  89. Path goal theory is given by? Robert house
  90. Difference between primary and secondary markets?
  91. Definition of an annuity?
  92. Chief of the committee on corporate governance? Uday Kotak
  93. Goal-setting theory is given by? Edwin Locke
  94. What kind of leadership helps in bringing change in an organization? Transformational leadership
  95. What differentiates a company from another- core competencies
  96. Companies goals, skills, vision, the mission is identified in- options were functional, organizations, technical competencies
  97. Statement regarding equity theory and asked to identify the theory
  98. Statement based on goal-setting theory and asked to identify the theory
  99. Leadership theory in which the manager shares decision making with his colleagues?
  100. What does a leader do in transformational leadership?
  101. A leader who is visible all the time and motivates his team- which kind of leadership
  102. A leader who has the power to correct the mistakes and even provide rewards when they perform well?
  103. According to fayol double command is a source of_________- conflict
  104. How does one transfer price risk?
  105. Which among these is generally not done “over the counter exchange”?
  106. Which would drive all the team together towards a common goal? Motivation
  107. Financial inclusion doesn’t include which among the following- savings account, subsidies benefits, etc- the answer is subsidies
  108. Options were given choose which properly defines annuity?
  109. A numerical based on CRR- if the present bank has X money and has 20% CRR limit –if the limit is increased identify the amount of money in the market
  110. WACC numerical
  111. Numerical based on identifying the interest if you receive 90 in total in a year based on 45 principle amount
  112. Rule 72 numerical-250 is converted into 1000 in 16 years-identify the rate of return
  113. Another numerical where 400 converted to 800 –identify the years
  114. Systemic risk co-efficiency is identified through which among the following- beta
  115. Reduction in import quota is considered as which reform?
  116. CRAR was given- we need to identify the capital equivalent based on BASEL AND RBI limit?
  117. One numerical based on a construction company cash flow- initial investment 4000 Crore—cash flow statement was given for 5 years- you need to identify if the project is financially sustainable or not –if it is then why?
  118. What is the assumption in internal rate of return— it is reinvested
  119. Managerial leadership is also known as—transactional, strategic and two other options
  120. After identifying the critical incidents in BARSwhat’s the next process?
  121. What is known as an ability in a person which can be developed or not developed—skill, aptitude, expertise were the options
  122. How does the government reduce its debt – options were selling government bonds, printing currency and 3 other options
  123. Kind of leadership where a leader allows subordinate to take decisions in defined limits
  124. Leadership where leader shares decision making with his colleagues?
  125. Bargaining technique where employees bargain for the bonus in relation to productivity?
  126. What does paralanguage mean?
  127. Communication through eye movements- oculesics
  128. A passage was given regarding assessment center- the question was asked if the assessment center was a center or a process or a result
  129. What makes an employee feel connected to his company even during the downturn- emotional connect
  130. A process of steps where a job is defined and necessary qualifications are prescribed- job analysis
  131. Question on job analysis where a job needs to be identified
  132. A discount rate problem where the discount rate is given and an amount is given. need to identify the years
  133. A process in which a cooperative is converted into a stock company- demutualization
  134. The decision-making process is a cognitive psychoanalytical – psychoanalytic process
  135. Group dynamics definition was given—we need to identify it based on the statement
  136. A process where an employee identifies himself and is determined and motivated to work- self-determination theory.
  137. A question based on non-verbal language. will it create a positive first impression or negative first impression? we need to identify false statement among 5 options.
  138. UPI question- identify the wrong statements.
  139. Which among this is not a solvency ratio? options were debt to equity ratio, liquid ratio, quick acid test ratio, both liquid and quick acid, interest rate returns. Essay–
  140. What are your suggestions for solving the NPA Problem in India?
  141. Is India prepared to be digitized? Discuss in the backdrop of a Wannacry cyber attack.
  142. When other countries are going away from nuclear energy, India and China are moving towards it. Should India look for nuclear energy as an option for generating electricity?
  143. Should there be a uniform admission policy for higher secondary (XIth) schools all over India? Parents and students will not be allowed to choose the schools according to their preferences.
  144. How efficient has been the merger of SBI and its 5 associates?