Here are most of the 1, 1.5, 2 and 2.5 marks questions from ESI and FM.

I do not remember the entire question statements as they were long and involved basic understanding of the issue discussed. This will give you an idea about your study horizon as well.

Questions/ TOPICS asked in 2015 phase 2 RBI exam:

Objective of ICDS. There were two questions within one question on ICDS

Food security mission

When can a country declare a severe drought? I remember this question because it was way out of my league and I had no clue about it. The options were something like “when 20% of area is under drought, 40% and so on”

14th and 13th FC

what is CAMELS system under management?

some question on bridge loan


Exchange traded futures true false. I don’t remember the question at all

foreign exchange transactions covers?

question on definition of motivation

Impact of fiscal deficit. some statements

china yuan devaluation effect

Niti aayog

poor economics book written by whom?

NMP Objective

Function of MSMED

Happiness index published by which organisation?

Global competitive index India’s rank

India rank in HDI




Activity related to FRBM

Function of RBI

Function of NHB

NHB establishment

SMEs contribution

HRD function

Long term decision- which one among the following is a long term decision? I don’t remember the statements here

high returns to investor

Least liquid

Forest cover in India

what is 360 degree appraisal

question on Taylor’s theory on management

quality of management

Vanbandhu scheme

question on Henri Fayol’s theory on management. I don’t remember statements under the Question.

Urban Population

Writer of Arthshastra?

Increase in NPA

WTO Trade agreement

Payment bank function

FDI contributors

Repo definition

Min Capital for small banks

white label ATM net worth requirement

A question on scheduled areas under the constitution.

CVC constitutional body

Who is SEBI chairman

Cadbury committee- I don’t remember the question but it was something to do about its purpose and time.

CSR percent

which is not related with ICDS

Factor cost GDP

MUDRA fuction

PMJDY facilitate

SDR Currencies

GST does not cover

sequence of RRB NABARD SHG KCC in date of establishment

interest swap

What does not cause inflation

Stock exchange is not for money mkt

what is Six sigma- management question

Shadow banking

Gross expenditure

PPP definition

the intelligent investor author

the questions look easy on the outside but there were many questions with two inherent questions (look up sample questions released by RBI), which made it difficult and confusing.

practical questions:

  1. On “Net present value”. The question had an initial outlay, yearly inflows and terminal inflow given. cost of capital was given. it was required to find out net present value from the above mentioned facts. its an easy question if you know the formula.

  2. The second question was a mix of accounting and ratio analysis. there are disagreements about the answer even now. some Balance sheet figures like current asset, fixed assets, total liability, capital, net profit, dividends etc were given. some ratios were also given. it was required to calculate a missing figure through these facts. ratios like “debt equity ratio” were to be used in the question.


English paper had an essay and a precis. essay topics were:

  1. the essay was on gold schemes. i don’t remember the exact topic but it was something like,”gold schemes introduced by the government”

  2. on infrastructure. i don’t remember the exact topic- “Is infrastructure the key to economic growth in India”