• RSBY is a health insurance scheme that covers treatments upto Rs. 30,000 under cashless scheme for BPL population in both government and private hospitals across India.
  • High enrollment of over 40 million individuals in the scheme has already been done.
  • Despite the high enrollment, a big failure of the scheme has been the continued rise in out of pocket expenses despite the scheme. (Study by Council of Social Development)


This is due to:

  1. Low amount: Inability of the scheme to meet high level of expenses in cases of expensive treatments such as heart transplants, surgeries etc. Hence, the amount should be raised from Rs. 30,000 (as done in in RSSY)
  2. Corruption: Instances of leakages of funds and ghost patients have been widely reported in RSBY. Use of Aadhar can be implemented to plug these.
  3. Focus only on secondary and tertiary and not on preventive healthcare.
  4. Poor targeting of marginalized sections


Recent steps:

→ RSBY smart cards issued under Shramev Jayate program for workers in the unorganized sector. à Convergence.