SEBI Grade A Vacancies, Salary, Cut Off and Mock Test

Let’s be real, the minute you saw the headline of the blog, it didn’t take you more than a second to click on it.

Well, it’s actually perfectly normal too. We’re all humans and at the end of the day are working hard to earn money so let’s normalize discussing it too.  

Okay now that my TED talk is over, let’s get down to what the blog will be about.

In this blog, I’ll be discussing the following topics-  

  1. SEBI Officer Grade A Salary, Perks and Emoluments
  2. SEBI Officer Grade A Vacancy
  3. SEBI Officer Grade A Cut-Off
  4. SEBI Officer Grade A Mock Test

Don’t be misguided by the title, you’re basically signing up for bad jokes and a lot of TED talk, so sit back and get ready to be educated and cringe simultaneously.  

    SEBI Officer Grade A Salary, Perks and Emoluments 

    SEBI Grade A Officer is a standout amongst the most well-known jobs in India.

    SEBI is exceptionally liberal in paying perks and Emoluments for even the smallest of expenses (well, they better. It’s not like it’s an easy journey to get there). 

    SEBI Officer Grade A Salary accounts to be around 11.4 lacs in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, etc.

    Now, let us talk about the basic SEBI Grade A salary, perks, and Allowances understand how much salary you can draw as a SEBI Grade A officer. 

    The initial payment will be Rs. 28,150 with a yearly increment of Rs. 1,550 for the period of the next 4 years.

    After you’ve completed 4 years, your basic pay goes up to Rs. 34,350 and yearly increment goes up to Rs. 1,750 for the next 7 years. 

    After a period of 7 years, your basic pay will increase to Rs. 46,600 and the yearly increment remains the same Rs. 1,750 for the next 4 years. 

    After this set of years, your salary goes up to Rs 55,600 and increment goes up to 2000 for 1 year and then finally your basic pay after the end of that year will be Rs. 55,600 for the next 17 years.

    Now, these are just regular increments and not promotions. If you get promoted, naturally your salary goes up accordingly. 

    Presently, the gross SEBI Grade A salary including Board Contribution towards National Pension Scheme (NPS), Grade Allowance, Special Allowance, Dearness Allowance, Family Allowance, Local Allowance, etc. at Mumbai at the minimum of this scale is approx. Rs. 1,07,000/-p.m.  without  accommodation  and  Rs. 73,000/-p.m. with accommodation.

    This means that you will get 1,07,000/- p.m. as SEBI Grade A officer Salary in case you take your own house and 73,000/- p.m. as SEBI Grade A officer salary in case you stay in the house provided by SEBI. 

    But that’s not all, let’s discuss the perks that come with the job. 


    SEBI Grade A Salary: Perks & Emoluments 

    Ever since I was a kid, instead of focusing on buying the groceries that were important, I would run and find things that had some offer that let me avail of a free gift.

    I know it might sound stupid but hey, I was a kid who loved getting something extra with whatever I bought even if it was as stupid as a plastic tiffin box which had no use to me whatsoever (who am I kidding, I still am crazy about freebies).

    Naturally, I wasn’t taken to grocery shopping very frequently.  

    Not that I’m comparing my little silly quirk to the benefits and perks you will get after becoming a SEBI Grade A Officer but in my defense, I did warn you about the jokes.  

    So these are the perks that you get if you become a SEBI Grade A Officer-  

    • Leave Fare Concession
    • Medical Expenses
    • Financial Dailies
    • Book Grant
    • Briefcase
    • Transport Expenses
    • House Cleaning Allowance
    • Staff Furnishing Scheme
    • Computer Allowance
    • Subsidized Lunch Facility

    SEBI Officer Grade A Vacancy 

    Trigger warning: Generally, people get anxious while going through this part of the blog considering the number of seats available is not a lot (spoiler alert too).  

    In my recommendation, stop competing with the other applicants but start competing with yourself.

    The day you overcome your own shortfalls, is the day you wouldn’t have to be scared about any other competition. (ted talk)  

    Now, as of the year 2020, the vacancy allotment has changed for the SEBI Grade A Officer position.

    To give you a comparison, I’ll be mentioning the new arrangement as well as the one followed till the year 2019.  

    As of 2020-

    StreamNumber of Posts




    Information Technology83*





    Engineering (Civil)001*0NA1*
    Engineering (Electical)211*






    Official Language100000

    *Indicates backlog vacancies – It means that if you can give the paper according to past year’s eligibility.

    SEBI Officer Grade A Cut-Off  

    Cut-Offs are one thing that I feared more than I feared anything else in my life.

    If you’re like me and keep solving mock tests for any exam you’re preparing, you always tend to compare it with last year’s cut-off.

    And that’s where the horror begins, so let’s see the cut-offs for 2018 SEBI Grade A examination


    Stream (General)GAQuantReasoningEnglishSecurities Market
    Sectional Cut off1616161616
    Stream (General)SCSTOBC (NCL)URPwBD (LD/AU/MD/OD)
    Aggregate Cut off90103.5110119.25102.25

    The successful candidates in Phase I have been shortlisted according to merit.

    Other candidates, who have qualified, have not been shortlisted as they fall short in merit.


    Stream (General)English DesriptiveESI & FMSecurities Market
    Sectional Cut off404040
    Stream (General)SCSTOBC (NCL)URPwBD (LD/AU/MD/OD)
    Aggregate Cut off173.00163.50181.50192#

    # No Candidates qualified

    The successful candidates in Phase II have been shortlisted according to merit.

    Other candidates, who have qualified, have not been shortlisted as they fall short in merit.

    SEBI Grade A Officer Mock Test

    I provide SEBI Grade A Mock Test on a daily basis for SEBI Exams to help you prepare in a better way than what you would have been doing otherwise (a little narcissism never harmed anybody).  

    The SEBI Grade A Mock Test will also help you in boosting your performance score.

    The SEBI Grade A Mock Test is designed keeping in mind the actual exam pattern of SEBI Grade A Examination and thus it matches the level of questions asked in the SEBI Grade A Exam.

    You are provided with a score and correct answer of each question once you attempt a Complete SEBI Grade A Mock Tests.   

    The SEBI Grade A Free Mock Test will help you in understanding two things, your mistakes, and weak areas.

    Then you need to work more on your weak areas in order to improve your SEBI Grade A Preparation. 

    Also, the SEBI Grade A Officer Mock Test will help you to keep acquainted with the Daily Current Affairs. 

    As you must know the SEBI Grade A Exam has negative marking in both the Phases.

    Hence, you must take the SEBI Grade A Phase 1 Mock Tests & SEBI Grade A Phase 2 Mock Tests in order to enhance your SEBI Grade A Preparation. 

    SEBI Grade A Examination is conducted online.

    Many of you who are not familiar with the online examination pattern might face difficulties in the examination and this will hamper your overall performance and score in the examination.  

    In order to avoid such circumstances, you should be well prepared to give the examination online.

    These SEBI Grade A Phase 2 Mock Tests will also help you familiarize with the online examination pattern and increase your speed in the examination, thus, improving your overall performance and score in the SEBI Grade A Examination. 


    As I remind you every time I end a blog, that taking stress about the examination will only slow you down and hinder your progress. Excess of anything can be negative and similarly excess of stress will do you no good. So take my word, keep reading my blogs for bad jokes, and be relaxed and focused while preparing for the exams.

    Best of luck!!
    Keep Learning!!


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    Anuj Jindal, the founder, is an ex-manager from SBI, with an M.Com from Delhi School of Economics. He also has a JRF in Commerce & Management and NET in HRM, along with more than 4 years of experience in the field of Education.

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