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  • 20 million people bitten by dogs every year in India and over 20,000 die of rabies every year.
  • A large number of vehicle accidents happen due to dogs.
  • Many of these are children, old people and women.
  • Over 50 million dogs on roads in India → financially very difficult to sterilize them.
  • Legislation
    • Ministry of Culture issued Animal Birth Control Rules (ABC Rules) under Prevention of Cruelty on Animals Act, 1960
      • Sterilization must be used to control dog population on streets.
      • Other rules of PCA are self-contradictory → for example no provision for treat of dogs captured by municipalities.
      • The Act also does not classify dogs as either wildlife or domesticated animals.
      • Rules also forbid euthanizing of rabid dogs.
    • Internationally dogs are routinely euthanized. In US, HUmane Society euthanized 3.4 million unowned dogs and cats. In UK a dog that is considered dangerous can be “destroyed”