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UGC NET JRF Paper 1 Free Material

Hi friends. Seeing you on this page, I think it is safe to assume that you have your sights fixed on the upcoming UGC NET exams.

However, it’s my duty to inform you that cracking the UGC NET exam won’t be an easy task.

Aspirants prepare for the exams with all their hearts and minds, and this means you will face tough competition.

This heavy competition that you are so definitely bound to face during the UGC NET exam easily causes it to be one of the toughest exams in the country today.

Now just for a while let’s divulge and ask ourselves why so many people flock to compete in this exam annually.

Well, it’s because cracking the UGC NET exam is what will grant you the opportunity to work as a professor in an academic institution or be a Junior Research Fellow, have guaranteed career stability, great compensation, work steadiness, and work fulfillment.

The UGC NET exams are basically for those individuals that want to establish their careers in research & academia. Clearing the UGC NET makes one eligible to apply for the post of assistant professor in his/her respective field.

If someone is able to clear the UGC NET with exceptional scores, he/she gets inducted into the Junior research fellowship program which entitles him/her to research scholarships and other benefits.

So, getting back to the topic at hand, to crack the UGC NET exam or any other exam for that matter would require you to keep in mind something that I have written about in the next lines. So read carefully.

There are two points that will decide whether someone will make it through in their exams or not. The first is the willpower and determination of the candidate. This is something that will make him work really hard to prepare for the exam.

The second is the right study materials for that particular exam, which in this case are the UGC NET Paper 1 study material pdf, and Teaching & research aptitude notes free pdf for UGC NET. Without such study materials, even the hardest and the most motivated of workers can’t make it through to the other side.

Furthermore, the candidate needs to make sure that he carries both of the above points together while preparing for the exam if he wishes to succeed.

Both of the aforementioned points are useless in and of themselves if taken individually. Therefore, I repeat, the candidate needs to carry both of the points together if he wishes to succeed in his exams.

Having said that, I want to say that the first point, which is the required motivation and willpower, is a responsibility that will be entirely yours to take. I’ll play no part in that. The second point, however, is where I have got you covered. I will provide you with the best free UGC NET study material ever. Apart from the study material like the UGC NET paper 1 notes, I shall also provide you with the UGC NET Teaching and Research Aptitude study material pdf.

That’s not all, apart from the PDFs, I shall also provide you with teaching aptitude notes and research aptitude notes as well.

Now, assuming that you are prepared to work the absolute daylights off yourselves to crack the upcoming UGC NET exam, I have compiled for you the most requested and important UGC NET exam preparation materials and notes; and guess what, you’d be able to download all of these materials for free.

Now, before I go over to hand out to you the pdfs of these study materials, let us take a look at the UGC NET exam pattern for paper 1 and 2 and the topics that lie therein.

Table of Content – UGC NET Paper 1 Free Material

UGC NET Paper 1 Free Study Material Videos

As I have mentioned above, I have compiled for you all the UGC NET paper 1 material videos that I have with me. You can watch these videos absolutely free of cost, and can also download them if you want using appropriate software.

You will find the links of the videos given by the sides of their respective subjects in the table below.

S. No. Subects Videos
1. Teaching Aptitude Watch Video
2. Research Aptitude Watch Video
3. Reading Comprehension Watch Video
4. Communication Watch Video
5. Arithmetic Reasoning Watch Video
6. Logical Reasoning Watch Video
7. Data Interpretation Watch Video
8. ICT Watch Video
9. People and Environment Watch Video
10. Higher Education Watch Video

This brings us to the end of this list of videos as per the UGC NET paper 1 syllabus.

As you can see from the table above, the paper has 10 units out of which, the most important are the subjects of teaching and research aptitudes. So, I have included the links to the UGC NET teaching and research aptitude free study material pdf. You can download them from the section below.

Let us take a look at them.

Preparation Kit for UGC NET JRF Exams
Preparation Kit for UGC NET JRF Exams

UGC NET Teaching and Research Aptitude: Overview

If you are preparing for the UGC NET Paper 1, you should know that the subjects of Teaching Aptitude and Research aptitude are the most important out of the ones included in the UGC NET paper 1 syllabus.

That is the reason why I have created a separate section for these in this article. Furthermore, the fact being that there aren’t many useful study materials for these subjects in the market, pushed me even more to include free PDFs and notes for the subjects of Teaching aptitude and research aptitude in this article.

I have mentioned their links below.

Teaching Aptitude Free PDF Notes for Download

Here I have included the Teaching Aptitude notes and PDFs in a tabular format. To make things easier for you I have given the links of all the Teaching aptitude PDF and notes alongside the various topics of the Teaching Aptitude subject for UGC NET.

S. No. Teaching Aptitude Topics Links of PDFs & Notes
1. Teaching: Nature, Objectives, Characteristics, Basic Requirements Download PDF
2. Factors Affecting Teaching Download PDF
3. Methods of Teaching Download PDF
4. Teaching Aids Download PDF
5. Evaluation Systems Download PDF
6. Learner’s Characteristics Download PDF

Research Aptitude Free PDF Notes for Download

Similar to the teaching aptitude section above, in this section, I have included the Research Aptitude notes and PDFs in a tabular format. Therefore, to make things easier for you I have given the links of all the Research aptitude PDF and notes alongside the various topics of the Research Aptitude subject for UGC NET.

S. No. Research Aptitude Topics Links of PDFs/Notes & Videos
1. Research: Meaning, Characteristics & Types Download PDF
Watch Video
2. Steps of Research Download PDF
3. Methods of Research Download PDF
4. Research Ethics Watch Video
5. Paper, Article, Workshop, Seminar, Conference & Symposium Watch Video
6. Thesis Writing: It’s Characteristics & Format Watch Video
7. Research Proposal Watch Video
8. Research Paper Watch Video
9. Statement of Purpose Watch Video

Now that you have the teaching aptitude and research aptitude PDFs and notes, let us quickly go over the topic of UGC NET previous year’s question papers before moving on to the other free UGC NET paper 1 notes, that I have made available for you to download.

UGC NET Question Paper with Solution Key PDF

Along with all of the study materials about which I have written above, you’d also have to practice on UGC NET question paper with Solutions PDFs, if you want to ace your UGC NET paper 1.

That said, I have arranged for a couple of free UGC NET question papers with solutions PDFs. You can download the same by going over to the article I have written on the UGC NET previous years’ question papers, and clicking on the links to the various PDFs of the UGC NET Question Papers with Solutions.

As far as all the other study materials are concerned, you’ll find below the links to the most frequently asked for free UGC NET paper 1 notes.


With that, we have reached the end of the article. In it, I have shared with you all the UGC NET paper 1 notes, UGC NET teaching, and research aptitude study material pdf, and the Teaching aptitude notes free pdf for UGC NET. That said, I guess my job here is done.

Goodbye and best of luck!

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