UGC NET Previous Year Question Papers, Cut Off, and How to Prepare for UGC NET Exam

After reading the heading you must have understood what all information you will get in this blog.

I’ll be discussing all the few important things related to the UGC NET Examination.


UGC NET Previous Year Papers

Ever since I was a kid, I always felt like solving last year’s question papers is like cheating for an exam.

Even though it’s not, solving previous year question papers made me so confident about the exam, and sometimes, just sometimes if I was lucky, I would get a similar question in my own exam! 

It’s basically like going through the exam pressure and being prepared for it.

When I was preparing for my exams, I would shut my room, sit on my study table, and create the same environment for myself that I’d be giving the exam in. 

I would even check my paper and celebrate if I scored good and well, cried myself to sleep if I didn’t (I know it’s weird but I got through with my actual exams).

Now that I have talked about how solving previous year questions papers was beneficial to me (in my own weird way), let’s talk about how it can help you:

1. Gives a sneak peek in understanding the Exam Pattern-

Rehearsing UGC NET Previous Year Question Papers will assist you with understanding the test design followed by UGC NET.

This not only increases your speed at attempting the exam but also ensures no end minute jitters for the exam. 

2. Be Prepared for the level of difficulty of questions in the Examination- 

Let’s be real, this examination isn’t going to be a joyride for you. So why not squeeze the hell out of the lemons in hand and make as much lemonade as we can.

When you will go through the UGC NET Previous Year Question Papers, you will get acquainted with the difficulty level of the questions asked from the topics and sub-topics of both the Papers, i.e., Paper-I and Paper-II.  

3. Helps in Understanding the Important topics-

Rehearsing UGC NET Previous Year Question Papers will help you in recognizing significant topics that are regularly asked in the UGC NET Previous Year Papers.  

In any case, to buckle up the speed of the preparation you should concentrate on rehearsing the significant subjects first.

This can be done effectively through the UGC NET Previous Year Question Papers.  

4. Helps in focusing on your Weak and Strong areas-

It’s no rocket science to know that we all have our weakness and strengths, rather than being ignorant towards the weakness and overconfident about the strengths, why not focus on finding a balance between the two?  

While I recommend focusing on both of them, always work a little harder towards topics you’re a little weak in.

Not just from the point of view of the exam but also in general, so that you don’t lack in any skill.

As the exam has no negative marking, try to make your strengths a solid case so that you can nail the exam even just with the help of your strengths.   

5. Avoid Panic Attacks during the examination –

Come on, admit it we’ve all had exams where we got either so confident that we knew everything and attempted the paper at a very slow pace or we failed to manage the time. 

So what better way to avoid panicking in the exam than giving the exam before the exam.  

While you prepare from the UGC NET Previous Year Papers, try different order of attempt patterns while practicing.

Pick the pattern which will permit you to ideally use your time and score the maximum marks.

Additionally, make an effort not to give over one moment to any question while endeavoring them. 

6. Increase your chance to be More Accurate- 

It’s a known fact, the more you rehearse your speech before going on stage, the lesser you’re bound to fumble or make a mistake.

Similarly, the more you rehearse from the UGC NET Previous Year Papers, the more exactness you will pick up which will, in the long run, lead you to a high score in the test.

Practicing from the UGC NET Previous Year Question Papers will help you in dodging senseless slip-ups.  

Having said all that, you must be wondering where to find these so important UGC NET Past Year Papers.

Don’t worry you don’t have to go anywhere. I will provide you the UGC NET Past Year Papers here. 

You can download the UGC NET Previous Year Solved Papers and detailed Solution through the links provided below –

    What is UGC NET Cut off and How to compute it?  

    The minimum marks required to qualify in the test are known as cut off for UGC NET JRF.

    UGC NET Cut off is the passing marks which must be scored by you to get qualified for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and Assistant Professor.  

    As per the official notification, among the all-out number of showed up candidates just 6% will be qualified in every session of the UGC NET test. 

    If the last line didn’t scare you enough, wait for it, there’s more.

    You need to secure the Cut off marks in both the papers, i.e., Paper I and II, only then will you be shortlisted. 

    Then according to your position in the legitimacy list, you will be qualified for Assistant Professor and Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) programs or both in Indian colleges and universities. (Coldplay lyrics playing in the background, “nobody said it was easy but no one ever said it would be this hard”) 

    The UGC NET is directed for around 100 subjects and UGC NET JRF Cut off score contrasts from subject to subject. 

    You can check UGC NET Cut off 2019 and UGC NET Cut off 2018 for all subjects, the method to figure cut off score, and earlier years UGC NET Cut off 2018 and UGC NET Cut off 2019 marks right here on this blog. 

    UGC NET Cut Off for Paper I and II: Qualifying marks Category-wise   

    You need to make sure about qualifying marks in both the 2 papers of NTA UGC NET so as to get shortlisted for JRF or Assistant Professorship.

    The UGC NET qualifying marks for General students is 40% in Paper I and II. 

    While the passing marks for reserved category students are 35% in Paper I and II. The result of just those of you will be prepared who surpass the UGC NET JRF cut off score in all the two papers.

    UGC NET Cut Off: How to determine paper wise UGC NET JRF Cut Off marks 

    The UGC NET Cut off can be calculated from the aggregate percentage of the two papers corresponding to the number of exam sessions.

    The quantity of students qualified in any subject for a class/category is determined according to the approach endorsed by NTA.  

    Now let’s discuss how to calculate the UGC NET Cut off score for Assistant Professor and JRF.

    How to Calculate UGC NET 2019 Cut Off for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) 

    The assessment authority, NTA,  chooses a specific number from the top 6% UGC NET qualified contender for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) after checking their qualification in terms of age.  

    As indicated by qualification criteria for JRF, the upper age limit for general classification students is 30 years as on dates recommended.

    The upper age limit is 33 years for reserved class applicants.   

    A relaxation of as long as 5 years is given to the students having a place with OBC NCL/SC/ST/PwD, Transgender classes, and to women candidates.  

    The absolute number of spaces accessible for granting UGC NET JRF is distributed among various classes according to the reservation policy of the Government of India.

    Methodology for the subject-wise cum class-wise distribution of JRF spaces is down below: 

    Number of candidates to be declared qualified for JRF & Eligibility   for Assistant Professor both in the subject ‘Economics’ for the Scheduled Tribe (ST) category  The Number of candidates belonging to ST category who have opted for JRF and have qualified for Eligibility for Assistant Professor both in the subject ‘Economics’ (x) Total JRF slots available for ST category (÷) Total number of candidates belonging to ST category overall subjects who have opted for JRF and have qualified for Eligibility for Assistant Professor.

    The aggregate of the two paper scores compared to the quantity of JRF openings showed up at, will decide the passing cut off for JRF in ‘Economics’ for the ST classification.

    A comparable strategy is utilized for all subjects and classes.  

    How to calculate UGC NET 2019 Cut Off for Assistant Professor (AP) 

    While inferring UGC NET Cut off for Assistant Professor (AP), the aggregate marks of the two papers relating to the number of spaces showed up will decide the passing cut off for Assistant Professor in ‘Economics’ for the SC class.

    A comparative method will be executed for determining the UGC NET subject-wise qualifying marks for all classes.  

    Number of candidates to be declared qualified for eligibility for Assistant Professor in the subject ‘Economics’ for the Scheduled Caste (SC) category The Number of candidates belonging to SC category who secure at least 35% aggregate marks in both the papers taken together for SC category for ‘Economics’ (x) Total slots derived for SC category as per Step II (÷) Total number of candidates belonging to SC category overall subjects who secure at least 35% aggregate marks in both the papers taken together.

    UGC NET 2019 Cut Off: Normalization Process 

    NTA adopts a standardization method dependent on percentile score to infer UGC NET Cut off 2019.

    This is to guarantee that you are neither in profit (because obviously) nor distraught (they have to say so) because of the trouble level of the assessment as it is directed at numerous dates and two meetings for every day wherein different sets of question papers per session are provided with different levels of difficulty.  

    The percentile score determined for UGC NET Cut off to be the standardized score for the assessment (rather than the raw marks of the competitor) and to be utilized for the arrangement of the merit list.  

    The UGC NET Cut off dependent on percentile to be determined up to 7 decimal spots to abstain from batching impact and decrease ties.  

    So, here is the UGC NET Cut off 2019 & UGC NET Cut off 2018. You can download UGC NET Cut off of the previous years from the links given below.  

    We are providing the link to the official NTA UGC NET JRF Cut Off of Paper I & Paper II.

    If you’re like me, you’re probably feeling jittery before opening the cut-offs even though they’re previous year cut-offs, so don’t worry, you’re not the only one. 

    Year NET JRF Cut Off List
    Dec 2019 Download PDF
    July 2019 Download PDF
    Dec 2018 PDF Download
    July 2018 Download PDF

    Now I would recommend going through the past year cut offs as it gives you knowledge about the UGC NET JRF result and difficulty level.

    You can check out the exam pattern and syllabus HERE.

    How to Prepare for UGC NET JRF Exam?

    This part of the blog will act as a personalized strategy to help you with UGC NET preparation. 

    The fact that you have reached here means that you have followed quite a bit of steps created by me to help you (and I) understand your UGC NET preparation needs better.    

    I would like to congratulate you on sticking around because at least now you know you’re determined.If you can be so patient with me, I know you have the fire in your belly to do it.  

    It is now my responsibility that you get the right strategy and the right guidance so that the day you step into the examination hall is not an anxious, nervous day but a confident, proud day for you and we shall make sure that “your hard-work burning midnight oil pays you well”. 

    If we consider life as a game and the hurdle of clearing your examination as an important stage that determines the further stages,then you need 2 things- Intense fighting skills and the right ammunition to knock down your enemies and emerge victorious by the end of this stage.  

    Do not worry, I am that person who can teach you fighting skills and provide the right ammunition for your fight.  

    Let us now come out of our gaming zone and get right into the UGC NET preparation. Remember, it is not easy but it’s worth it.

    Take a deep breath, tell yourself that you can do anythingyou want, and letusdive right into the next phase.

    I have createdatablefor you.This table will help you to understand what to study, how much to study, and where to study from.

    Ithas been designed keeping in mind two important aspects:

    1. Your academic qualification &  

    2. Number of hours you can dedicate for your preparation  

    Basedonyour inputs,I have created apersonalized table which can guide you in your preparation for the upcoming examination.    

    Let us understand some basic points so that you can go through the table successfully: 

    1. Your academic qualification has been used to classify you into one of the 2 categories:

    • If you belong to the first category, you are“Above average in the Paper 1 exam” based on your experience of taking some relevant competitive exam such as CAT, Banking or other Government exams & you have “Average level of Knowledge relating to the Paper 2” which you have studied in your post-graduation.   
    • If you belong to the second category, you are below average in Both Paper 1 as well as Paper 2.  

    2. Another classification has been made, based on the number of hours you can dedicate consistently. The division of your total hourly commitment per day into hours spent onPaper 1 and hours spent on Paper-2 has been made in the below table. Students like you can fall into any one of the following categories:

    • You can allocate < 3 hours/day
    • One can allocate 3 to 6 hours/day
    • You can allocate > 6 hours/day 

    Please go through the following additional points for a better understanding of the below table:

    1. For Paper 1  

    • Some topics such as Data Interpretation, Mathematical Reasoning & Quantitative Aptitude require a basic understanding of topics like Profit & Loss, Percentages, Ratio & Proportion as well as Fractions.   
    • Some topics are purely conceptual topics such as Teaching, Research Aptitude, Communication & Higher Education.   
    • And Finally, some topics are either factual or can be improved purely through practice such as Information & Communication Technology (ICT), People, and Environment & Higher Education.

    2. For Paper 2 

    • Divide the 10 Subjects into 3 Parts Easy, Medium & Difficult based on your level of understanding of these subjects. Once you have divided you must spend time on them accordingly as mentioned in the below table.    

    The table has been made keeping in view the minimum time duration of 3 months of UGC NET preparation. 

    Having understood the above 2 points, let us now go through the table:

    Academic Qualification No. of hours the
    student can study
    Paper 1 - Above Average
    Paper 2 - Average or Above Average
    Paper 1 - Below Average
    Paper 2 - Below Average
    MBA / CAT /
    Banking Exam
    < 3 hours

    3-6 hours

    > 6 hours
    1 hour - Paper 1
    2 hours - Paper 2

    1 hour - Paper 1
    5 hours - Paper 2

    1 hour - Paper 1
    > 5 hours - Paper 2
    In College
    Pursuing Masters / Completed Masters
    < 3 hours

    3-6 hours

    > 6 hours
    --- 1 hour - Paper 1
    2 hours - Paper 2

    2 hours - Paper 1
    4 hours - Paper 2

    2 hours - Paper 1
    > 4 hours - Paper 2

    How to Prepare for UGC NET Exam (Steps):

    If there’s any mantra to efficiently study for the UGC NET Exam, then this is the one.

    There are 5 steps for you to follow to know that you’re on the right path of studying for the exam.  

    Step 1:  Take mock tests of Paper-1 & Paper-2 to identify your weak and strong areas. This will help you to efficiently utilize the given time. Consider a score of less than 40% as weak. 

    Step 2: Divide the subjects into two parts- weak & strong sections. A box is given below to list your strong & weak sections.

    Don’t worry if the list of the weak section is longer. Be honest with yourself. Honesty always helps. 

    Step 3: The entire UGC NET preparation is divided into weeks. You have to pick up only 2 subjects at a time, 1 from Paper-1 and 1 from Paper-2.

    Start with your strong subjects, since there are no sectional cut-offs, covering your strengths would save time and boost your Morale. Keep a balance between both the papers as both are important.  

    Step 4: You must be wondering, “How do I prepare current affairs?” which are asked in the topics of Paper 1 from People & Environment, ICT & Higher Education.

    It seems like a humongous task. Well, it’s not, because I will be covering all of them in my sessions and you will not have to worry about reading the newspapers. 

    Step 5: Since Data Interpretation & Quantitative aptitude seems to be a difficult task, I have simplified them in a manner that even the basics have been covered in a detailed manner. 


    I hope this blog helped you with the UGC NET previous year papers, cut-offs, a very frequently asked question “How to prepare for UGC NET Exam or about UGC NET Preparation”, etc. Clearing any exam isn’t a child’s play and will take up a lot of your time and energy. Some days you’ll probably have to ignore things going on in your personal life and only focus on your studies and it’s bound to take a toll on you. But always remember, each step in our life is only a hurdle for us to cross and reach our final destination. If you get your schedule right and be determined, the hurdle that we call the “UGC NET Exam” will be a child’s play for you. 

    Best of luck!!
    Keep Learning!!


    About Anuj Jindal

    Anuj Jindal, the founder, is an ex-manager from SBI, with an M.Com from Delhi School of Economics. He also has a JRF in Commerce & Management and NET in HRM, along with more than 4 years of experience in the field of Education.

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      How UGC decides the NET JRF Cut Off?

      The minimum qualifying marks of UGC NET is the marks that you have to obtain to be in the merit list. On the other hand, UGC NET cut off marks are determined considering various factors such as the difficulty level of the paper and the number of candidates appeared for the exam. You can find more information here.

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      Where can I get NTA UGC NET DEC 2019 Solved Question Papers in PDF?

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