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UGC NET Paper 1 Free Mock Test

Key Highlights:

  • 50 Questions
  • 60 Minutes
  • 100 Marks

UGC NET Paper 2 Commerce Mock Test

Key Highlights:

  • 100 Questions
  • 120 Minutes
  • 200 Marks

UGC NET Paper 2 Management Mock Test

Key Highlights:

  • 100 Questions
  • 120 Minutes
  • 200 Marks
When it comes to the preparation of the UGC NET exam, then one of the prominent attributes that play a vital role in the entirety of the preparation process is the UGC NET Mock Test.

Mock Test’s importance is often underrated. However, it is an element that needs to be taken seriously and should be used frequently to check the progress.

Mock Test’s usability is so varied that one of its features that goes under the radar is its ability to induce the endurance in the candidate, so that on the day of the test, the aspirant would already be acclimatized of the real exam environment.

With the message regarding the nature of Mock Test clear, let me inform you that this blog will be the guiding light for everything related to mock tests.

Thus, without wasting time let’s get going.

Table of Content – NTA UGC NET Mock Test

NTA UGC NET Mock Tests

Talking about UGC NET mock tests, I suggest you take them at the beginning of your preparation to understand your strong & weak areas and work accordingly.

Without taking UGC NET mock tests, we would never know where we stand in terms of preparation before the main examination.

At this point, I would also suggest that you make this a part of your preparation strategy. If you haven’t prepared one yet, don’t worry, I have got you covered. You can go through the blog on my suggested preparation strategy for UGC NET to create one.

At anujjindal.in we provide you with FREE NTA UGC NET online mock tests to help you prepare for the examinations.

To take the free UGC NET mock tests that I have made for you, you can go over to my courses page, and sign up by giving your email, and your phone number.

After doing so you’d be able to access all of the UGC NET mock tests that I have compiled for you.

Our mock tests are created keeping in mind the exam pattern and the difficulty level of the questions asked in the exam. You’ll also be provided with a score and the correct answers to each question once you attempt a Complete Mock Test.

That said, in order to crack the upcoming UGC NET exam, you must practice as many Mock Tests for UGC NET as possible.

NTA also provides Mock Tests for Paper 1 and 2 on its official website. These tests are highly important for your preparation as they resemble the actual exam very closely. We have provided the steps to download the NTA mock tests below.

However, NTA provides very few mock tests for each subject/paper and therefore I recommend that you utilize both, the NTA’s and our own mocks to get optimal results.

Moreover, our mocks are regularly updated, replicate the exam structure, are the best in the industry. That said we provide a few of them for free. I have mentioned the procedure to access these tests, earlier in this section.

Preparation Kit for UGC NET JRF Exams
Preparation Kit for UGC NET JRF Exams

UGC NET Paper 1 Mock Test 2023

UGC NET Paper 1 sets the tone of the exam and hence it is important to get hold of the section up front.

It is suggested to practice the paper 1 enough times before appearing in the final exam. And how you can do it, simple by attempting mock tests efficiently.

Let me highlight the importance of UGC NET Paper 1 Mock test by reiterating that mock test plays a crucial role in preparation as well as in building endurance to ace the exam on the D-day.

UGC NET Paper 2 Commerce & Management Mock Test 2023

The Paper 2 Commerce and Management subjects require diligence from the aspirant’s end from the word go. Hence, it is imperative to take up mock tests of the subject you would choose.

A mock test series will on the latest platform will be provided from my end, that will cater to the need of every aspirant

Do you ever wish that you could redo your examination after it’s done? Yes, that is a universal feeling. Mock tests help you curb that regret. Mock tests help you analyze your weaknesses and strengths. You will know exactly where you stand before the exam and that way, you can recalibrate your strategy accordingly. Mapping your preparation is another important aspect.

There are several benefits of solving mock tests and I have listed some of them below.

Benefits of solving UGC NET Mock Tests

  • Helps you better understand the Design of the Exam: You’d be able to understand the exam pattern of the UGC NET better and commit the same to your memory. That way, during the actual exam you wouldn’t have to spend time figuring out which question goes where, and therefore save much time in the process.
  • Gets you more acquainted with the difference in difficulty levels of Paper 1 & Paper 2: Practicing on the mock test papers will also familiarize you with the varying difficulty levels of both the papers of the UGC NET.
  • Take cognizance of key topics: With more and more practice on UGC NET mock tests, you’d be able to recognize the topics from which questions are most frequently asked. These would be the topics to focus on. You should leave no stones unturned while going over such topics.
  • Helps you delineate your strengths and weaknesses: This is one of the most important benefits of solving mock tests. As you practice on more and more mock tests you’ll be able to gauge yourself better according to your strengths and weaknesses. That would allow you to further hone your strengths and work on your weaknesses.
  • Helps you to be instinctive and accurate at the same time: This is one of the often-overlooked benefits of solving mock tests, but in fact, is one of the most important. You see with more and more practice on mock test papers using a 180-minute time limit as that of the actual UGC NET exams, you’ll be able to instinctively comprehend and mark the right answers to the questions that you know. This would happen because the extensive practice would render you better hand-eye coordination while solving questions.

How best to utilize UGC NET Mock Test Series: Essential Tips

The following are some significant tips by our subject specialists and toppers:

  1. Practice to sit for 3 hours, straight.
  2. One of the key benefits of solving mock tests is to be able to maintain your focus and thus accuracy & speed for the entire duration of the exam.
  3. Take sincere Mocks for 3 hours and try to spread the time between Paper 1 and Paper 2.
  4. Divide the time in this way: 1 hour for Paper 1 and 2 hours for Paper 2. Taking such a time structure is pretty standard, also 15 minutes here and there can be considered okay but not more than that.
  5. Once you have completed one mock exam. The game is not over yet, rather it is only half done. Now you have got to analyze every question thoroughly, and not just the answers.
  6. As far as the questions and options go, if you are not thorough with the concepts do read them again, there’s no point taking another mock without improving your weak areas.
  7. Next, try to identify the topic you are weak at or the ones you have made the maximum mistakes in, be it Paper 1 or Paper 2.
  8. After identifying the topic revise, it again and solve MCQs of that particular topic in order to avoid any mistakes in the future.
  9. Then, take another mock and keep repeating the same process till the very end.
  10. Don’t spend too much time on one question as there is no sectional cutoff.
  11. If you follow this process at the end of sufficient mocks say 5 you will start noticing improvement in your scores.

NTA UGC NET Mock Test – Why choose us?

If you have read the blog till this stage, you already know a lot of points why our mock tests are the best for your UGC NET preparation. However, I have listed down the main benefits in a concise manner below:

  • Closely resemble the actual exam – In terms of exam pattern and difficulty level of questions
  • Comprehensive – Covers the complete syllabus
  • Regularly Updated – To keep your preparation up to date with the UGC NET exam
  • Standardised – To help you draw meaningful analysis and comparisons with other test takers
  • Free Analytics – Provide you All India Rank, question-wise time comparison with the toppers, and a graphical representation of the time spent on each section v/s the time recommended for that section
  • Conducted Online – To familiarise you with the online exam system
  • Designed by Subject Matter Experts – To always exceed the expectations of our students

If you want you can also go through all the free UGC NET materials that I have arranged for paper 1 and paper 2 preparation

How to Attempt Mock Tests on Anujjindal.in Steps

To prepare well for your UGC NET exam, I would recommend that you attempt the mock tests that I have prepared for you.

You can attempt a few of the mock tests on the portal of my website itself, that too for FREE. I have given the steps to do so below:

  1. Go to the Top of this page, and click on the “Attempt Now” button of any of the Mock tests I have provided here.
  2. After the new page opens, you will find an “enroll bundle” button on the right side of the page. Click on that.
  3. Sign up by giving in your personal details* such as your email ID.
  4. After giving in your details, and successfully signing up, you’ll see a “Go to dashboard” button on the right side of the page (exactly where the enroll bundle” button was).
  5. Clicking on the button, you’ll be able to access the dashboard, which will have all the information pertaining to the exam, and the button to “take the test”. Click on the button and start taking the test.

*If in case you are wondering why you need to give in your personal details, it’s because we’ll use them to send you the scores of your test attempts and grant you access to the dashboard where you’ll be able to compare your current test attempt scores with those that you had taken previously.

NTA National Test Abhyas App

The NTA’s National Test Abhyas App was launched by the HRD ministry of the government of India on 20 May 2021, with the intention of providing free mock tests to UGC NET aspirants.

The services of the app can be availed by aspirants absolutely free of cost, and all the mock tests that are available in the app can be downloaded and be then practiced offline. This is sure to help those with little or no internet connection.

You can download the app on the Google’s play store by typing ‘National Test Abhyas’ on it.


Now, I said it earlier and I’ll say it again. No amount of books or online tests or classes can ever be enough if you’re not determined. My job is to guide you and help you the most comprehensive and efficient mock tests for UGC NET Paper 1 & Paper 2 (Commerce & Management). I hope I did a good job here. Your hard work is the most essential factor in cracking the UGC NET exam and that is one thing that comes to you without any research or without spending any money. Be sure to do your research properly without investing your money anywhere.

Best of luck!!
Keep Learning!!

CEO of Anujjindal.in

About Anuj Jindal


Anuj Jindal, the founder, is an ex-manager from SBI, with an M.Com from Delhi School of Economics. He also has a JRF in Commerce & Management and NET in HRM, along with more than 5 years of experience in the field of Education.

FAQs: NTA UGC NET Mock Test & Books

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    Where can I find free UGC NET mock tests?

    You may find free UGC NET Paper 1 & 2 online mock tests for the UGC NET JRF exam at the top of this blog. NTA also provides NET mock tests on its official website and you may check this blog to learn how to access them. 

    From my experience of having cleared the UGC NET JRF twice and from coaching thousands of students to do the same, I can say that solving NTA NET mock tests is an excellent way to understand the UGC NET exam pattern for 2022 and to understand your strong and weak areas. Also, solving online mock tests will train you to finish the papers within the prescribed time limit. 

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    When to Take UGC NET Mock Test?  

     I suggest you take a NTA NET mock test at the beginning of your preparation to understand your strong & weak areas first. Then you should work on eliminating your weaknesses and strengthening your strong points.  

     After doing so comes the time to take another round of mock tests to again see where you stand as per your strengths and weaknesses. Then again work on eliminating your weaknesses and strengthening your strong points.  

     Then take your third round of mocks. Repeat this process till you have no weaknesses left in you. After that, you should keep on solving even more mock tests till the very last day before your exams. That said, every mock that you successfully solve and the lesser and lesser time duration you do so in will increase your confidence exponentially. 

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    How many UGC NET Mock Tests for Paper 1 & 2 are enough to prepare for UGC NET exam? 

    Since mock tests are a medium of practice and I am assuming that you know that no amount of practice is enough. Therefore, give as many UGC NET mock tests of Paper 1 & 2 as you can. 

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    Does the NTA also provide free online mock tests? 

    Yes, the NTA offers free mock tests on its website absolutely free of cost.  

    Also, these mock tests are very potent study companions and are an integral part of the preparations. So, make sure that you use this resource as optimally as you can. If you do so, your chances of clearing the exam will increase manifold.  

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    What are the steps to attempt mock tests by NTA? 

    To take the free UGC NET mock tests by the NTA, you can follow the steps given below: 

    1. Go to the official website of the NTA.  
    1. Click on the tab called Mock Test.  
    1. Here, select the ‘UGC-NET’ exam, choose the paper of your choice, and then click “Start Mock Test”.  
    1. Click on the “Login” button.  
    1. Read all the instructions very carefully.  
    1. Post-reading the instructions, tick the checkbox given at the bottom of the page, and press proceed.  
    1. UGC NET Mock Test will open on your screen. 
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