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Many students ask what are the important topics for UGC NET Examination. Or what are the important books or UGC NET Study Material for UGC NET Examination? 

So here I am providing you the most important UGC NET Notes for UGC NET Commerce and UGC NET Management Examination along with the important UGC NET Paper 1 Study Material that you need to study to cover those important topics. 

UGC NET Commerce

So, first let us talk about the important topics and books for UGC NET Commerce 

Unit 1 – Business Environment and International Business 

C.B. Gupta for Business Environment 

International Business - Charles W.L. Hill 

Unit 2 – Accounting and Auditing 

P.C. Tulsian 

Unit 3 – Business Economics 

Amit Sachdeva 

Unit 4 – Business Finance 

R.P. Rustagi 

Unit 5 – Business Statistics and Research Methods 

Levin Rubin 

Unit 6 – Business Management and HRM 

C.B. Gupta 

Unit 7 – Banking and Financial Institutions 

Meir G Kohn 

Unit 8 – Marketing Management 

Philip Kotler 

Unit 9 – Legal Aspects of Business 

Akhileshwar Pathak 

Unit 10 – Corporate Tax Planning and Income Tax 

Girish Ahuja/V.K. Singhania 

 UGC NET Management

Now, let us talk about the important topics and books for UGC NET Management 

Unit 1 

Organisational Behaviour – T.N. Chhabra/S.P. Robbins 

Managerial Economics – Amit Sachdeva 

Corporate Governance – J.P. Sharma 

Unit 2 

Organisational Behaviour – T.N. Chhabra/S.P. Robbins 

Human Resource Management – T.N. Chhabra/Aswathappa K 

Unit 3 

Strategic HRM – Aswathappa K 

Unit 4 

Accounting – Class XI T.S. Grewal/D.K. Goyal 

Financial Statement Analysis – M.N. Arora 

Financial Management – I.M. Pnadey/R.P. Rustagi/Brealey Myers 

Unit 5 

Financial Management – I.M. Pnadey/ R.P. Rustagi/Brealey Myers 

Portfolio Management – R.P. Rustagi 

Unit 6 

Strategic Management – Wheelan and Hunger 

Marketing Management – C.B. Gupta/Philip Kotler 

Unit 7 

Consumer Behaviour – Leon G. Schiffman 

Supply Chain Management – Robert B. Handfield 

Unit 8 

Statistics – Levin Rubin 

Operations Research – J.K. Sharma 

Unit 9 

International Business – Charles W.L. Hill 

Unit 10  

Entrepreneurship – Arya Kumar