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UPSC Cut Off for Prelims, Mains, and Final

Topics Covered: UPSC Prelims 2023, Mains 2023 & Final Result, Important Dates & Steps to check UPSC Result, Result of Previous Years & UPSC Cut Off for 2022, 2021 & 2020

While the UPSC CSE exam holds a distinguished stature in society, it does not change the fact that at the end of it its attributes are similar to all the other exams. 

It has a set pattern, syllabus, a preparation module, and of course like other exams its cycle ends with the release of the final result and Cutoff. 

Despite the widespread knowledge about these aspects, I will give attention to each one of them. And on this page, these rights are reserved with the topic of UPSC Cutoff. 

With prelims, mains, and the interview round, UPSC is a three-dimensional exam that facilitates provision for the release of three cutoffs for each stage. 

Well, cutoff is the minimum marks that a candidate must secure to clear the exam”. 

The UPSC aspirant needs to prove his mettle and somehow have to make equivalent efforts to fulfill the dream of becoming a civil servant. 

So, in the world of UPSC Aspirant, scoring above the cutoff is extremely crucial. You don’t have to wander on the internet to find the previous years’ cutoffs, it is right here on this blog.  

To summarize, on this blog you will find all the updates about the UPSC Cutoff.  

Thus, let’s start with the blog.  

Table of Content – UPSC IAS
Cut Off

UPSC Cut Off 2023

Latest update: The UPSC cutoff 2023 for Prelims, Mains and final merit is expected to release in the month of April or May 2024.  

The UPSC cutoff is declared at the end of the examination cycle i.e., after the declaration of the final result. The cutoff marks for UPSC CSE are taken as the marks secured by the last candidate selected for that round. 

Now when it comes to determining the Prelims cutoff, UPSC has its unique way to calculate. 

Only the marks of Paper 1 of the prelims are considered when determining the prelims cut off. The marks that you secure in Paper 2 will not be considered when counting your merit ranking as the Paper 2 is qualifying in nature and you need to score at least 33 % to qualify for the Mains round.  

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In order to qualify for the final stage, it is crucial to know detailed information regarding the cutoff. Therefore, effective preparation for the exam would require you to score above the general trends in the cutoff.  

Apart from this, one of the avenues to practice effectively for the exam is to solve Mock Tests, which you must take if you are genuinely targeting the UPSC IAS exam.  

Know everything about UPSC Mock Test Here. 

Now, more about cutoff. 

Given below are a few cases pertaining to the cut off marks that the UPSC has offered clarifications on: 

  • Case 1 – If 2 aspirants score equal aggregate marks in the UPSC exam, then the aspirant who has secured more marks in the compulsory papers + the IAS Interview, is given a higher rank. 
  • Case 2 – If 2 candidates score equal marks in the compulsory papers and the interviews taken together, the candidate who is senior in age will be given a higher rank. 
  • Case 3 – If 2 candidates score equal marks in the compulsory papers and the interviews taken together, and are also of the same age, then the candidate with more marks in the compulsory papers will be given a higher rank. 

Before discussing the cutoffs, you can also check the list of important books for UPSC 2023 that will help you in acing the examination. 

Now let us go through the cut off marks of the various UPSC rounds of the last 3 years: 

UPSC Prelims Cut Offs 2022

In the table below, you can check the details about UPSC Prelims cutoff 2022 I have provided: 

Category UPSC Prelims Cut offs (out of 200)
General 88.22
EWS 82.83
OBC 87.54
SC 74.08
ST 69.35
PwBD-1 49.84
PwBD-2 58.59
PwBD-3 40.40
PwBD-5 41.76

UPSC Mains Cut Offs 2022

To get an overview of the UPSC Mains cutoff 2022, you can the refer to the table below: 

Category UPSC Mains Cut offs (out of 1750)
General 748
EWS 715
OBC 714
SC 699
ST 706
PwBD-1 677
PwBD-2 706
PwBD-3 351
PwBD-5 419

UPSC Final Cut Offs 2022

For detailed preview of UPSC Final cutoff 2022, you go through the table to check the information given on the same.  

Category UPSC Final Cut offs (out of 2025)
General 960
EWS 926
OBC 923
SC 893
ST 900
PwBD-1 879
PwBD-2 913
PwBD-3 632
PwBD-4 590

UPSC Prelims Cut Offs 2021

Category UPSC Prelims Cut offs (out of 200)
General 87.54
EWS 80.14
OBC 84.85
SC 75.41
ST 70.71
PwBD-1 68.02
PwBD-2 67.33
PwBD-3 43.09
PwBD-4 45.80

UPSC Mains Cut Offs 2021 

Category UPSC Mains Cut offs (out of 1750)
General 745
EWS 713
OBC 707
SC 700
ST 700
PwBD-1 668
PwBD-2 712
PwBD-3 388
PwBD-4 560

UPSC Final Cut Offs 2021

Category UPSC Final Cut offs (out of 2025)
General 953
EWS 916
OBC 910
SC 886
ST 883
PwBD-1 892
PwBD-2 932
PwBD-3 689
PwBD-4 701

UPSC Prelims Cut Offs 2020 

Category UPSC Prelims Cut offs (out of 200)
General 92.51
EWS 77.55
OBC 89.12
SC 74.84
ST 68.71
PwBD-1 70.06
PwBD-2 63.94
PwBD-3 40.82
PwBD-4 42.86

UPSC Mains Cut Offs 2020 

Category UPSC Mains Cut offs (out of 1750)
General 736
EWS 687
OBC 698
SC 680
ST 682
PwBD-1 648
PwBD-2 699
PwBD-3 425
PwBD-4 300

UPSC Final Cut Offs 2020 

Category UPSC Final Cut offs (out of 2025)
General 944
EWS 894
OBC 907
SC 875
ST 876
PwBD-1 867
PwBD-2 910
PwBD-3 675
PwBD-4 465

Going through the various tables above you can get a pretty vivid idea about the marks you’d need to score if you want to make it in the UPSC Civil services exams.

Note- UPSC Cut Offs 2022 are yet to be declared by the UPSC.

In case you want to access the previous year papers, then click on the link to explore UPSC CSE Previous Year Papers.


With that, we come to the end of this article. I hope this article has been helpful in informing you about the topic of UPSC cut-offs. Having said that, I guess now it’s time for me to bid you farewell and the very best of luck. 


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  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    How many students are selected for the IAS interview? 

    I get asked this question a lot, and the answer is that around 2 to 2.5 the number of vacancies announced for the particular year’s IAS exam are selected for the IAS interviews.  

    Apart from that, you should know that only the people who are able to clear the UPSC cut offs for the Mains papers of the IAS exams are called to appear for the interview round. 

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    How many marks are required to qualify the IAS exam? 

    In short, you need to clear the overall UPSC cut offs to qualify/clear the UPSC IAS exam

    The overall cut offs are decided by taking into account the scores of the Mains exams and the Interview round.  

    If you want a detailed answer to this question, you should read the UPSC cut offs section on the blog given above. 

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    What is the procedure to prepare the IAS prelims cut off? 

    The IAS prelims cut off is prepared by taking into account the General Studies Paper 1 only

    As far as Paper 2 or CSAT goes, the CSAT is only a qualifying paper where candidates just need to score above 33% of the total marks. This means that the marks secured by candidates in the CSAT paper are not considered while preparing the Prelims cut off. 

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    What rank is required to get into the Indian Administrative Service (IAS)? 

    So, the answer differs according to the various reservation categories and it also changes depending on the year of the exam. So, what I am writing here is merely a general estimate.   

    For the general category, you’d need to have an All-India Rank (AIR) that does not go beyond the range of 75-95 if you want to be an IAS officer. For OBC, the rank cannot be greater than the range of 460-470, For SC, 840-650, and for STs, 765-775. 

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    What is the procedure to calculate UPSC cutoff? 

    UPSC reveals the cutoff after the declaration of final result. There is no simple answer to the question of how a figure is reached. However, what’s know is the factors that derive the UPSC Cutoff. Components like, number of candidates who have appeared, the number of vacancies, etc., hold the decisive stature towards calculating the Cutoff. 

  1. Anika

    Can you please enlighten me on the general trend of cutoff for IAS exam?

    • admin

      Hi Anika,
      Yes, the cutoff released for UPSC CSE 2022 for the general category is as follows:

      1. Prelims cutoff is 88.22,
      2. The Mains Cut Off 2022 is 748
      3. The Final Cut Off 2022 is 960

      To get an idea about the cutoff announced for UPSC CSE over last few years, you can go through the page above.

  2. Geetika

    What are the cutoff marks released for GS Paper –1 in UPSC Prelims?

    • admin

      Hello Geetika,
      Based on the difficulty level, the cutoff marks for GS Paper 1 in UPSC Prelims 2023 is expected to range between 82- 85 marks. Previously, the cutoff released for Paper 1 of UPSC CSE Prelims was 88.22 marks

  3. Gurleen

    Hello sir/ ma’am can you share the cut off marks for 2020 preliminary exam.

    • admin

      Hi Gurleen,
      The cutoff marks for UPSC Prelims 2020 for unreserved category is 92.51 marks. To know cutoff released for other categories, you can go through the page.

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