1. 2013 Parliamentary committee stated that provisions that do not have statutory backing be given such backing
    1. Example use of public vehicles, combining official work with election campaigns
  2. Examples of violations:
    1. A law minister was censured by the president after EC filed a complaint against him for violating MCC by announcing a scheme when MCC was in force
    2. Election Commission served a show cause notice to Bengal chief minister Mamta Banerjee for announcing a new district
  1. In such case, the accused should issue apology
    1. FIR was lodged against Assam ex-CM Tarun Gogoi for holding press conference in Guwahati during polling
  1. MCC is hinged totally on Morality and does not have any basis in the law
  2. Give power of judicial action in such cases to Election Commission itself
    1. Counter: will affect the separation of powers doctrine
  3. Filing an FIR, even though not with much repercussions, sends a strong message to the people and they view the leader as ethically wrong.
  4. A lot of MCC’s provisions also fall under Indian Penal Code anyways so incorrect to say that it has no legal backing
  5. Will lead to needless legal cases