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Question 1

Calculate the earning per share from the following data Net profit after tax Rs. 50,000, 10%Preference share capital (Rs. 10 each) Rs. 1,00,000, Equity share capital (Rs. 10 each) Rs 1,00,000

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Question 2

The capital of XYZ Co. Ltd. is as follows
9% Preference share of Rs. 10 Each 3,00,000, Equity share capital of Rs. 10 Each 8,00,000
The accountant has ascertained the following information, Profit after tax at 60% per annum 2,70,000, Equity Dividend paid 20 percent 60,000, Market price per equity share 40
Price Earning ratio of the company is

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Question 3

Calculate stock turnover ratio from the following information
1. Opening stock 67,500
2. Closing stock 57,500
3. Sales 4,00,000
4. Cost of goods sold 2,50,000

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Question 4

Proprietary ratio is calculated by

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Question 5

If a company issues bonus shares the debt equity ratio will

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UGC NET Management Quiz Day 14

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