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Question 1

With which institute has the National Institute of Ocean Technology partnered to generate electricity through ocean waves?

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Question 2

Which state has topped in the Report Card on Breastfeeding & Infant & Child feeding Practices released by Ministry of Health?

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Question 3

How many countries have recently signed UN Convention on International Settlement Agreements?

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Question 4

Where will the meeting of conference of parties of CITES- Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species on Wild Fauna and Flora be held?

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Question 5

Which country has the highest number of living languages, according to Ethnologue?

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Question 6

Who among the following has been awarded with the Bharat Ratna Award 2019?

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Question 7

Who is the writer of Resurgent India book?

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Question 8

Where is Panna National Park located?

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Question 9

Where is Keoladeo Ghana National Park located?

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Question 10

Where is Nagarhole National Park located?

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Morning Tales - August 12, 2019

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