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Question 1

Which country has been invited as the special guest at the G7 summit 2019?

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Question 2

What is the name of the scheme launched by Science and Engineering Research Board to fund the scientific research programs?

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Question 3

Which country is the top emitter of anthropogenic sulphur dioxide, according to Greenpeace’s Global SO2 emission hotspot database: Ranking the world’s worst sources of SO2 pollution report?

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Question 4

Where will India’s first Central Institute of Chemical Engineering & Technology be launched?

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Question 5

Recently, Okjokull glacier has completely lost its status as a glacier due to climate change. Where is this glacier located?

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Question 6

What is the base year for the (proposed) Consumer Price Index for agricultural workers (CPI-AL) and rural workers (CPI-RL)?

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Question 7

Who has been appointed as the new President of Paytm?

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Question 8

Who is the director-general of World Trade Organization?

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Question 9

With which country has India signed an MoU to develop Ground Earth Station and SATCOM network for utilization of South Asia Satellite (for the use of this country)?

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Question 10

Who is the director-general of International Labour Organization?

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Morning Tales - August 21, 2019

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