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Question 1

In which state has India’s first 3-D traffic signal- Intelights- been installed?

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Question 2

Which state has launched the RACE- a new higher education model to facilitate movement of faculty and movable property among government colleges?

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Question 3

Which country has signed agreement with Russia for a lifetime supply of uranium for its Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant?

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Question 4

With which company has Reliance formed a joint venture to set 5,500 petrol pumps in India and supply commercial aviation turbine fuel to airlines in India?

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Question 5

NSE IFSC- SGX Connect is a joint proposal between National Stock Exchange and _____ to jointly carry out operation in GIFT city?

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Question 6

Which card payment company has launched the “Identity Check Express” to increase security of transactions while shopping online?

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Question 7

Who has been appointed as the new CMD of Power Grid Corporation of India?

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Question 8

Who has won the Miss World Diversity 2019 title?

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Question 9

Who among the following has become the first woman to win 4,000 km cycling race in the Transcontinental Race (Cycle) 2019?

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Question 10

Where is Kanha Tiger Reserve located?

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Morning Tales - August 8, 2019

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