Question 1

Which city is the most preferred city for co-living in India, according to the Knight Frank’s Insights on Co-living: An Asia-Pacific Perspective?

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Question 2

What is the average life expectancy in India, according to the SRS Based Abridged Life Tables, 2013-17?

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Question 3

Committee on Development of Housing Finance Securitization Market recommended to set up an intermediary under NHB. What will be NHB’s stake in it?

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Question 4

Who is the world’s first bowler to score 5 international hat-tricks?

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Question 5

What is the new target set by India for land restoration by 2030, during COP-14 of UNCCD?

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Question 6

Which country has recently provided $1 million assistance to hurricane hit Bahamas?

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Question 7

Which bank has become the India’s single largest platform providing interoperable banking services to the customers of any bank through Aadhar-enabled Payment Services?

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Question 8

Who heads the committee set up by Union govt to implementation of Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2003?

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Question 9

Who is the president of World Medical Association?

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Morning Tales - September 11, 2019

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