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Question 1

Organizational perspective can be divided into Micro and macro perspective, which of the following are the features of Macro Perspective of an organization.
A. It is concerned with organizational Goals, structures and design.
B. It is concerned with Human psychological behavior.
C. It considers Organization as a unit of analysis.
D. This prospective has a recognized discipline called Organizational Behavior.

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Question 2

The type of Organization which is developed automatically without any authority is known as

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Question 3

Luther Guelick divided the management function into eight major groups and coined an eight letter word. What is the full form of the Seventh letter of that word?

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Question 4

Productivity of newly employed workers were not good as compared with the productivity of earlier workers. Can you explain which of the management functions are not done properly here?

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Question 5

Directing function is one of the important functions of all the management functions. Explain which functions are included in the function of directing?

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UGC NET Management QUIZ Day 1

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