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Question 1

Periodic labour force survey measures the state of employment-unemployment on a regular basis. PLFS was started in which year?

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Question 2

In India, Surveys are conducted with the help of different mininstries, recently periodic labour force survey was released by which ministry?

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Question 3

There are various rates and ratios discussed in PLFS. Which of the following correctly explains labour force participation rate ?

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Question 4

unemployment rate gives the number of people unemployed in the country. Which of the following correctly defines UR ?

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Question 5

According to periodic labour force survey 2017-18 released recently, what was the unemployment rate in the country ?

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Question 6

According to PLFS, there are status of activity being discussed, what is meant by usual activity status ?

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Question 7

Recently ministry of statistics released PLFS, in that release unemployment rates were mentioned. What was the unemployment rate in rural and urban areas respectively ?

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Question 8

According to PLFS, rural people were engaged in many forms, majority of people in rural were employed as –

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Question 9

According to Periodic labour force survey, what was labour force participation rate in both rural and urban areas (combined) ?

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Question 10

While keeping in mind the recently released PLFS 2017-18 . Identify the correct statements from the following : 1. Majority of the male urban population was engaged as regular salaried/regular wages 2. 23% of the total rural population were employed in 2017-18. 3. The report is prepared four times in a year that is quarterly and annually. 4. In urban areas unemployment rate was 6.2%

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Periodic Labour Force Survey

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