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Question 1

With effect from 12.11.2010, SEBI has doubled the limit for maximum application for retail individual investors across all public issues. What is the current maximum limit for retail individual investors?

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Question 2

Which of the following statements is not correct about anchor investor?

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Question 3

What is the minimum allocation of net offer to retail individual investors in case of public issue through book-building process if the issuer fulfills the eligibility conditions?

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Question 4

ICDR (Issue of capital and disclosure requirements) Regulations 2018 contains provisions regarding IPO, FPO, Rights issue, Bonus issue, etc.
Consider the below statements:
Statement 1: In case of a public issue, minimum subscription required is atleast 75% of the offer.
Statement 2: A public issue has to be kept open for a minimum of 3 working days and a maximum of 10 working days.
Statement 3: There should be atleast 500 allottees in a public issue.
Statement 4: The eligible securities allotted under QIP cannot be sold by the allottee for a period of one year from the date of allotment, except on a recognised stock exchange.
Which of the above statements are incorrect?

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Question 5

Consider the below statements regarding provisions of ICDR Regulations 2018.
Statement 1: the tenure of warrants can’t exceed 18 months from the date of their allotment in public or rights issue.
Statement 2: In an issue made other than through the book building process, atleast 50% of the net offer is required to be allocated to retail individual investors.
Statement 3: The lock-in period of minimum promoters’ contribution is 2 years in a public issue.
Statement 4: The maximum promoters’ contribution is 20% of the post-issue capital in case of an IPO.
Which of the above statements are correct?

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Question 6

If an issuer does not receive minimum subscription in a public issue, then within how many days the money has to be refunded back to all the applicants?

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