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Question 1

Which of the following is not an Alternative Investment Fund?

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Question 2

SEBI introduced AIF (Alternative Investment Fund) Regulations in 2012. Some funds are specifically excluded from the purview of AIF regulations. Which of the following is not excluded?

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Question 3

Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) is a privately pooled investment vehicle incorporated in India which collects funds from sophisticated, high-networth investors. A few statements regarding AIFs are given below:
Statement 1: AIFs are classified into three categories: Category I, II & III.
Statement 2: A manager and sponsor of an AIF can be the same person.
Statement 3: An AIF can be established in the form of company or LLP only.
Which of the following statements is/are incorrect?

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Question 4

SEBI has classified Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) into three categories. Consider the below statements regarding categories of AIFs.
Statement 1: Category I & II funds cannot undertake leverage or borrow for long term whereas Category III funds can use leverage.
Statement 2: Category I funds can launch only close-ended schemes whereas Category II & III funds can launch both open-ended as well as close-ended schemes.
Statement 3: The minimum tenure of schemes launched by Category I & II funds has to be 3 years.
Which of the above statements are incorrect?

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Question 5

A few statements related to provisions regarding investment in Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) are given below. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

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Question 6

Consider the statements given below regarding Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs).
Statement 1: Sponsor or Manager of a Category III AIF needs to appoint a custodian irrespective of the size of corpus of AIF.
Statement 2: Angel Funds are registered under Category III of AIFs.
Statement 3: an AIF can launch a scheme only after filing placement memorandum with SEBI.
Which of the following statements in incorrect?

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