Question 1

Which of the following is not included in the definition of securities as per Securities Contract (Regulation) Act 1956?

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Question 2

As per Rule 21 of the Securities Contract (Regulation) Rules 1957, a recognised stock exchange may delist the securities of a company if the trading in the securities has remained suspended for a period of more than _______.

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Question 3

What is the minimum public shareholding requirement for a listed company other than a public sector company?

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Question 4

Section 2 of Securities Contract (Regulation) Act 1956 recognizes security receipt defined in SARFAESI Act as a security. Who issues a security receipt?

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Question 5

As per the powers given to the Central Government under the Securities Contract (Regulation) Act 1956, it can suspend the business of a recognised stock exchange for a maximum period of how many days without giving the governing board an opportunity of being heard?

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Question 6

The process of converting the organizational structure of the stock exchange from a non-corporate structure to a corporate structure is known as?

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